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Battle for Middle Earth

[R][rating]Maverick Vs Chyna

#1FarMeR`  Apr 29 2007, 15:36 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
A fun 1v1 between me and chyna smile.gif
how do you edit the title? i forgot the [rating]

Rating By: Last Genesis

Starting Positions:
randumnewbie - West
chyna - East

Very nice gondor vs. rohan played by both players. rohan dominates early game but gondor is able to climb back into it with some patient gameplay. In the end a small mistake by gondor is what cost him the game. A very nice race to AotD at the end with one player seeking it to secure the win with the other just hoping to survive. gg guys.

randumnewbie - Rohan
Though you dominated early game with some nice micro your micro decreased some throughout the game. On a few occasions you lost theo and eomer giving him a high ranked gandy with potential word of power, just use good judgement on what to do with them. Overall gg from you buy in the final battle your main target after gandy should hav been his statue and well as this would hav left him defensless against your lead.

chyna - Gondor
You had a very nice comeback from the early game where you were unable to creep well leaving you with lower ranked horses and struggling to establish any sort of map control. Some good patient play got you out of this and once gandy came out you microed him well getting him ranked nicely. Dont buy the PP for GTW until after he comes out because as white he builds slower. You deleted your 6th blacksmith much too soon and had an empty build plot for a while which gave you more expensive upgrades, keep it till you are ready to replace it with something. In the end what lost you this game was when you decided to leave your outpost with only 1 treb and then you didnt even keep your towerguards anywhere close to it which allowed his horses easy access then he went to your outpost and killed your workshop. This was stupid because 1 treb was not going to be able to do much and since you knew his army was on your side of the map it would hav been better to stay back and defend with trebs then go on offensive afterwards. Overall though gg and nice comeback even getting close to AotD.

Overall Rating: 6
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#2TheFatOFTheLanD  Apr 30 2007, 10:43 AM -
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sorted, remember for next time numchuks.gif tongue.gif since i don't think you can't edit the title
#3FarMeR`  Apr 30 2007, 19:57 PM -
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thanks wub.gif
#4LastGenesis  May 7 2007, 02:55 AM -
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Tagged. smile.gif
#5TheFatOFTheLanD  May 7 2007, 12:22 PM -
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hi mate when you tagg just remember to put the [-] in the topic title so we know its taken smile.gif will put it in for you.
#6LastGenesis  May 7 2007, 23:33 PM -
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Rated smile.gif
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#7chyna  May 7 2007, 23:52 PM -
laugh.gif thanks for rating sleep.gif i never knew that gtw builds slower than grey drol.gif haha thanks for that
#8Ang3lic  May 8 2007, 00:30 AM -

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nice rating ohmy.gif very informative, now i kno not to watch this game biggrin.gif tongue.gif

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