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Battle for Middle Earth

Fiesta game

#1gahvin  Jun 20 2021, 22:52 PM -
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rough start for us, but 2 wizards change the game...
#2HGRD  Jun 21 2021, 02:49 AM -
Replays: 4
dear admins give this guy an adc medal. wp!
#3gahvin  Jun 21 2021, 13:39 PM -
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QUOTE(HGRD @ Yesterday, 21:49 PM)
dear admins give this guy an adc medal. wp!

your Saruman MVP
#4ValsaDoom  Jul 29 2021, 02:15 AM -

Replays: 51 Game:
Nice game, Fishy made few mistakes, not sure it was his best day, I am also under the impression he never tough he would loose his castle that fast and that easy, surprise! your dead! That kind of fate happened to me so many times, but this is what this game is about, excitement, surprises and also deceptions.

Many times I saw players taking the middle camp on this map in 1.06 patch only to lose it and soon later lose the game, this was not the case in this 1.09 version of BFME1, these 2 players manage to take the middle keeping it and lunch attacks from it.

The game was pretty much fair and equal on both sides until Gahvin's Gandy level 5 came back for a second time to play his role in this good game should I say, his Gandy died previously from the hands of Fishy's Gandy level 7 and then surpass this one still on level 7 to reached level 9, from 5 to 9 fast while Fishy stayed at level 7 most of the game, after that it took Gahvin no time to reach lvl 10 and then GG!

Congrats to Gahvin and Henry, well done!
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