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Battle for Middle Earth

4v4 fiesta

#1gahvin  Jan 1 2022, 23:54 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Crazy game with rogs, AOD, WOPs.
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 2 2022, 18:07 PM -
Amazing replay with many high skilled players on patch 1.09!

Top left Bwel playing Rohan
Top mid-left Karuskas playing Gondor
Top mid-right martinms600 playing Isengard
Top right x6tence|GB2 playing Isengard


Bottom left CROAT playing Gondor
Bottom mid-left PvtCowboy playing Isengard
Bottom mid-right Th0rin` playing Isengard
Bottom right gahvin playing Rohan

On Fields of Edhellond we find only 2 outposts strategically placed in a neutral zone, half way between top and bottom teams, on the left and the right side of the map.

Thorin was first to cross enemy lines, his goal was to lure the enemy to gahvin's Teo and it took not long before this one gets level 4.

On the left side Bwel and Karuskas were doing so great, gahvin had to bring his teo level 4 and his Roherrims to help push back the enemy, but x6tence|GB2 was constantly harassing him, the solution might be from having Aragorn to act as a door man, turns out this Aragorn became a distraction later in the game, and gahvin lost his Teo between CROAT and PvtCowboy's camp before he could G/C, as a result Bwel and Karuskas left the area with a full stomach.

On many occasions x6tence|GB2 has tried to inform martinms600 of the opportunity presented to him, bombs were placed here and there, on all these many occasions, not once has martinms600 answered the call, and so x6tence|GB2 had to take matters into his own hands, blowing up enemy units gave him the PP instead.

Of all the confrontations between CROAT and Karuskas's Gandy, all went in favor of Karuskas who mange to get level 10, it took Th0rin`'s Rog to finally put Karuskas's Gandy to rest, much later in the game.

Bwel, Karuskas, gahvin, had almost simultaneously the AOD while x6tence|GB2 had his Rog, if you do the math, it makes it 3 to 1 in favor of the Top side teams, then Th0rin` had his Rog but lost his team mate gahvin, still 3 to 1, then destroyed Bwel and died in the process, then martinms600 gets his Rog and PvtCowboy too, so again 3 to 1, and before CROAT could have his AOD, it was game over.

Lose with honor win with Glory!

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