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Battle for Middle Earth

Crazy 4v4 Dead Marshes

#1gahvin  Jan 30 2022, 00:16 AM -
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Lots of action and AODs, Rogs, Saruman level 10 powers. Amazing play from Morl and Cowboy holding off Dune and Bwel and even pushing them back while saving me and Yoshi trying to survive on our side.
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 31 2022, 02:32 AM -
Top left martinms600 playing Rohan
Top mid-left CROAT playing Isengard
Top mid-right ABDe (aka Dunedain) playing Gondor
Top right Bwel playing Isengard


Bottom left gahvin_5|20P playing Isengard
Bottom mid-left Yoshi playing Isengard
Bottom mid-right PvtCowboy playing Isengard
Bottom right Morl playing Rohan

Hard to recognize this map on patch 1.09 with this edited 4v4 version, but it was worth the trouble, we now have a unique experience in watching this replay where incredible turns of events happens one after the other, thx to the performers!

martinms600 had difficulties getting rid of wargs, using his peasants level 2 and his Merry, he mange to lose them all, then call Teo in panic in hope of finishing the job, but failed, CROAT sent Lurtz to do the proper task, only martinms600 forgot about his archers in the citadel and stole the exp from both Heroes.

On the other side of the map Bwel had his side of the map under control, thinking his team-mates would be able to take charge of the left side he was on march for Glory.

Dunedain was going from one side to the other, depending on the situation, acting as the firefighter on duty, his Knights seemed to be dress accordingly.

gahvin_5|20P was holding his side like he could, facing 2 opponents and sometimes 3 all by himself, while Yoshi who had destroyed his Uruk pit after 1 set of Uruks, was trying some fancy tricks by having fast Saruman and wargs later on he will spam non-stop ballistas, this strategy provide him a lot of PPs, while PvtCowboy was making more standard strats and Morl focused on having Teo's G/C and Eomer level 3++ to assist his Roherrims, turned out the Rohan player made the best decision in choosing doing the obvious thing to do. Later with G/C Morl was everywhere at once, sometimes taking back the right outpost, sometimes helping gahvin_5|20P from certain death he was also first to get the AOD.

Knowing Morl was the man to take out, Dunedain tried his best to eliminate him, but lost Gandy trying, then sent Eagles to attack Morl, while gahvin was also in big difficulties again, Yoshi was making ballistas and nothing else, so not much help from there, so Morl in an heroic decision, summoned his AOD into gahvin's camp in order to save him, and lost his own camp, now what do you call that? this is putting the needs of others before your own, I have to salute the gesture and it felt good knowing Morl succeeded in getting the right outpost in time to save himself, then wile PvtCowboy secured that outpost he took back his camp from ABDe, Bravo Morl!

At some point it was 3 Rogs + 1 AOD for the Bottom team, VS 1 AOD + 1 Rog for the top team, and with these odds, it's only a matter of time before 1 player from the Top gets kicked out of the game, so 2 Rogs took on ABDe's camp, PvtCowboy+Yoshi and with only 1 tower left at 10% ABDe manage to get the right outpost and saved himself from defeat.

For his part Bwel also knew Morl was the biggest treat and decided to put all he had on trying to eliminate him but failed unfortunately an other Rog was breathing fire in his camp, gahvin_5|20P who owned more then one to his team-mate Morl, decided to summoned the Rog in Bwel's camp, and since gahvin recently became a master in the matter, he easily destroyed the camp, that was farewell for Bwel, thx for your services your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Decided not to meet the same fate ABDe bought back his late team-mate camp, with 2 Gondor camps, the enemy will have to think twice before sending Rogs to his camps, but alone trying to keep the right side safe and now that he lost his best partner ABDe had to do more with less.

At this point in the game, most players have AOD or Balrog, and only now Yoshi feels the need to rebuilt that filthy Uruks pit and make some units, but the problem is that martinms600 and CROAT are reorganizing gahvin's camp, with Aragorn level 10 and troops, so Yoshi decided to summoned the Rog and sent him in is team-mate's camp, but the place was a little tight and Aragorn had the best of him, in order to prevent the Rog from dying too soon Morl healed the beast, turned out the Rog should have never been there in the first place and the citadel burned down, oups sorry gahvin time to go dodos, no more comments...

After this misadventure the troops of CROAT and martinms600 continued there walk to Glory towards Yoshi's camp, this one beacons Morl for support and since this one never say no to a friend, he wasted his AOD trying to help Yoshi at the cost of his own survival. martinms600 helped with the elves in support to rush Morl's camp, ABDe was able to accomplish miracles, AOD, Gandy, mighty Knights, Eagles, Roherrims and Morl had no more bases, PvtCowboy quits and Yoshi had only ruins and dust, they were all sent to bed! Too bad Bwel was not there to celebrate.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

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#3LATINO  Jan 31 2022, 08:40 AM -

Nice game
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