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Battle for Middle Earth

Killing the Balrogue was the winning key

#1ValsaDoom  May 16 2021, 20:45 PM -

Replays: 50 Game:
Gondor Isen Rohan vs isen isen Mordor with many twist of events
#2ValsaDoom  May 30 2021, 23:00 PM -

Replays: 50 Game:
I will make small review, just take note I played in this one, this is where I first played 3v3 since a long time.

South side mu was Isen, Mordor, Isen, upper side was Gondor, Isen, rohan.

The first fight of the game was in fact 2 fights, one at Gondor base (Gooner), 2 Isen combos with Lurzt and assisted by a drummer came knocking at his door, he had nothing to protect but a lost Faramir lvl 3 pinned outside unable to do s***, Then Isen mate came to the rescue with Saruman and one set of archers, it gave just enough time to Gooner to built first treb and bring back his horses, from this minute Gooner never stopped spamming trebs, wich made the biggest difference in the outcome of this game.

During this same time an other fight happened south leaded by myself feeding the enemy, pardon me, I was so rusty, turned out many fights happened in the south/right area, where I lost so many valiant fool elves, in no time the south right Isen manage to get the Rog, and his first victims were no other than more of my elves, then he aim for our isen base, who seems to be the best of us 3 stooges, but time ran short and that Rog had to wait for a second time around before trying to destoy our Isen base mate, luckily Gooner's Gandy killed the Rog 1 second before it was too late, then Gooner gets AOD, than jacobus(our Isen mate)get the Rog, then I get... well it doesn't matter anymore, it's already game over.

nobody played bad but me, as for Gooner and jacobus they played better than all! tongue.gif
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