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Battle for Middle Earth

[Review]]LmO[ vs DawG

#1WonderTruls  Mar 10 2007, 16:33 PM -
a nice game vs LmO, dbl gondor vs mordor/isengard
gg mates wub.gif


Review by:

Starting positions:
Team 1: (Isengard) ]LmO[Fate` / (Mordor) ]LmO[MuMaK - East
Team 4: (Gondor) DawG|Wonder` / (Gondor) DawG|boss777 - West


A very impressive match with very few mistakes, constant harassment and some awesome battles near the end. All four players knew their respective factions very well and used them to their full potential.

Team 1 Commentary:

Great start even though Isen's 2nd mill came pretty late. Don't hesitate to decide if you, as a team, want to go for a 3/1 split or just go the normal 2/2 strat. Really not any major mistakes to comment on throughout this match since your strats were both correct and micro was very nice. A few things I noticed though: Isen needs to remember to put pikes in formation when enemy knights are running around. You got caught in default formation too many times so Gondor became confident and went for some base rushes. Mordor played excellent also. Dunno why you built the siege works so early but once it came to combo fights you did well with your catapults. As a team, your teamwork was great too. One thing also was that there were several labs running around and you didn't notice it for a while. Anyways, probably the biggest issue in this game was that you were a little too passive such as camping in the middle of the map and not attempting any forms of offensive attacks. This allowed the Gondors to build up their armies and beat you back to your own side. I would've suggested sending some trolls, a drummer, Lurtz and a combo or two to attack the bottom Gondor's walls since all he had was knights and GtG for most of the game. If Isen kept pikes guarding your mills and camp, the opposing team wouldn't be able to recover from a well-planned base rush. Other than that, I think this was a good game for you guys.

Tips for Improvement:
  • Isen, don't forget to put your pikes in line formation when knights are around.
  • Don't forget to use Saruman's Speech Craft. (wink)
  • Mordor, maybe be a little more agressive and do some base rushing instead of camping out and allowing opponents to build up.
  • As a team, try to eliminate cash floating. Even during the big battles, always keep an eye on your bases and have units being produced as reinforcements in the case that you'll need some.
Team 2 Commentary:

Very good teamwork from the two of you. Your strats were both correct and I liked how you formed your armies into one larger one that was very flexible and aggressive. The hero micro, knights and combos were all used to their full potential and hence there were hardly any mistakes. Losing Gandalf the White at one point was an odd mistake since he would've been better of supporting the teammate's combos, but you still had Faramir's and Boromir's Ld so that kept you alive. Excellent match here.

Tips for Improvement:
  • Don't get too excited with your GtW, if the enemy team was more aggressive and took full advantage of this loss you would've been in some bad trouble but always keep an eye out for that Lurtz. (wink)
Overall Rating: 7

RotW and Silver
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#2WonderTruls  Mar 10 2007, 16:35 PM -
Some RR/SRR w/e plz change this game to a "review" game smile.gif
#3ToRtUr3  Mar 10 2007, 16:45 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
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#4Segway  Mar 10 2007, 16:53 PM -
DawG seems to be owning ^^
#5WonderTruls  Mar 10 2007, 16:56 PM -
QUOTE(Segway @ Mar 10 2007, 17:53 PM) *

DawG seems to be owning ^^

:4gr33d: biggrin.gif
#6Mavs  Mar 10 2007, 16:57 PM -
against LmO yeah, but I always seem to lose to everyone else laugh.gif
I am 4-0 vs LmO and 1-3 vs everyone else smilie_bleh.gif

(no offense to LmO wub.gif)
and not meant as spam, sorry post-13661-1143531603.gif
#7shaulin  Mar 10 2007, 19:51 PM -
imy game debugged during a game vs PLOW.

result = shit stats. fs.
#8Boss^  Mar 10 2007, 21:11 PM -
yeah really was GG

#9Mavs  Mar 10 2007, 22:28 PM -
Damn, boss, that's a sweet sig. Where'd you get that from? eyebrow.gif
#10Boss^  Mar 10 2007, 22:31 PM -
yeah op right this order take 3months



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