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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Moser vs Hassu

#11Moser  Jan 3 2006, 12:46 PM -
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ah well what is hence?

and i think u dont know what i mean...

the review looks like i played a shit, but i still won against a medium mordor (dont need to rembember mordors strength).
and well mordor couldnt have played equal cause then he would've won... and it takes atleast more then 3 pros to win vs mordor :-S

strats are still wrong. Mordor with fast rohirims?

and why do you say in the strats: "fast rohirims" and then - "late cavalery" as a con ???
it was a good choice to get late caverly cause my theo was level 4... or what do you mean. that the first rohirims were late? but why do you call it fast rohirims then? pls correct these things i dont really know what u meant.
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#12Mortal9  Jan 3 2006, 16:29 PM -
For the last time, where you can sazy with Mordor: Naz micro was bad, you can say with rohan, Ara micro was bad, lego micro was bad, etc. Rohan will automatically have more things to improve on.
If you still don't get it, PM the RR who reviewed your game or one of the SRR's, be my guest.

EDIT: EcHnAtOnX, direct your comments to the SRR's, we'll see who's talking crap.

2nd EDIT: If he says under strategy Fast Rohirrim, and puts late Rohirrim as a con, he most likely says your strat was to get fast rohirrim, but that they came to late, capiche?
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#13WISE Architect  Jan 3 2006, 16:48 PM -
QUOTE(Moser @ Jan 2 2006, 11:33 PM) *

tbh these days RRs only figure out cons.

A thk u to the RR would be much better than these kinda strange comments.

Reviews are made to improve players. Reviewing is very personal act (because i can see more cons than other RR) there isnt an excel file or math for it that shows how many cons or pros u should put in it. Be thnkful for having more cons so u can improve fr them

QUOTE(Moser @ Jan 2 2006, 11:33 PM) *

in a rohan vs mordor the rohan has to micro much more and its never an easy job to win vs mordor. so i dont get the point that he has at least one pro more and far less cons then me.
or do you think winning with the weakest army vs the strongest is a peace of cake?

btw the strats are on the wrong sides.

rohan with orc spam and trolls and naz :-P ^^



About those comments u made.... keep them to u or try to be RR and help us on our HARD work thumb.gif
Then ur opinion will change after 20 reviews wink.gif
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#14Falcon^  Jan 3 2006, 16:56 PM -
Yes mate, i try to be RR. smile.gif
#15Moser  Jan 4 2006, 00:40 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
k mortal i got the point.
yea architect i respect the work of the RRs and they all do a good job. thum.gif
But i can still have my opinion about the way of reviewing. Well a lot of cons~tips are good but there also should be some more pro's imo. rolleyes.gif

but anyway thx for the review :-) i'll force you to give me more pro's in the next games with improved skills ^^ pirate.gif
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