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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Review]LAL vs 2

#1FarMeR`  Mar 5 2007, 23:37 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
me and dog are still working on our 2v2
appreciate feedback, james is begging for 2v2 cw everytime i go to chat, wanna get better at it and give him a run.


Review by: PhoenixPrince

Starting positions:
LAL|Maverick and LAL|Xdogs (Team 4) - Right
NuperSUB and MikeB (Team 1) - Left


In this game team 4ís isen took the offensive Vs team 1ís isen and basically team 4 stayed on the offensive the whole game, never really giving team 1 a chance to recover.

Team 4

Team Commentary

Okay, you guys played and made few mistakes. You had decent pp use and good boís as well as good micro and all that jazz. It seems that I always mention everything I want to say in the tips so gg lol.

Tips For Improvement
  • Okay, as you guys noticed during the game the Gondor soldierís sorta wtfpwned. Well, that is because you fed your troops in piecemeal. Mordor, you kept sending one batt of orcs at a time in when you should of sent 3 in at once with eye supported by an uruk (which you did but you didnít use eye and uruks were late..) . Now you say, but I didnít have time to get those troops! Well you should of been harassing with orcs and Gollum and when soldiers turned to fight run away. This way you could of easily build up strength. Also, Mordor donít use Gollum to attack buildings ffs. You should of ran him back to attack the enemy soldiers, but if you didnít want to do that you should of sent him to isenís mills to kill laborers.
  • Isen- you had two fu urukís and saw bora/fara and three unuppíed uruks at the enemy base and you ran away to attack millsÖ bora/fara do NOTHING to uppíed warchanted uruks as do unupped uruks. If you send both of those units in you could of taken down both isenís pit and armory and maybe his citadel. But instead you attacked mills and gave isen time to get grades. BIG mistake here as if you had attacked it would have been gg.
  • Isen- Why make comboís? Sure the enemy had Gandalf, but they had no cav. You should of just massed swordsman while Mordor massed trolls. Max you should of gotten two pikes combos to deal with Gandalf and wargs when they cam later.
  • Mordor- waaay to many drummers. You had one troll and three drummers and that is just whacked. You should have one drummer and lots of cave trolls, when you have like, 6 cave trolls then make a second drummer, but donít just make three right off the bat as they are extremely weak in combat.
  • You guys were a bit uncoordinated during the first bit battle at the mid. If your going to fight, fight. If your going to gather your forces first then go to the back and wait, but donít let the enemy soften you up.
Team 1

Team Commentary

Well basically isen you went defensive at the start and that, in combination with Gondor not making knightís is what lost you the game. Iím still not 100% sure how you lost the mid battle when you had bora-fara ld, but isen probably could of done with a few more combos, and the Gandalf ld would of come in handy if he hadnít died.

Tips For Improvement
  • Okay, isen, always use wc offensively and always go offensive at the start. You see an enemy uruk coming with wc to kill your pit, build a tower and send one uruk after them, and send your other uruk to attack the enemy pit with wc. That way your both in the same situation instead of the other guy having the leg up.
  • Gondor- your build order was interesting, but honestly, you need cav. Since you didnít go cav, it was a miracle your enemy isen didnít just spam swordsman and win! And I mean, against double fod you should always go cav to grades and do some base rushing. This would of forced isen to buy 5-6 pikes to defend his forces, leaving him well behind your partner in his econ. You also would have been able to harass the enemy bases and mills, which wasnít a possibility with no cav. Basically, just go for cav!
  • Isen- your bo was a bit whacked too. You made wargs because Gondor didnít make cav which is something you shouldnít of had to do. And for some reason you made Lurtz against double fod? You should never make Lurtz against double fod unless you just have tons of cash.
  • Godnor- you didnít heal gandy during the first large battle at mid. You should have healed him as he could of turned the game around if he had survived.
Overall Rating: 6
Entertainment Rating: 5
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#2Lu‚n^  Mar 6 2007, 18:00 PM -
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I'll take a look for you Mav wub.gif
#3FarMeR`  Mar 6 2007, 21:29 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
Thanks luan wub.gif
not really great game, just wanna know if we did stuff right
soldiers with wc owned up tongue.gif i underestimated them
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#4PhoenixPrince  Mar 8 2007, 20:06 PM -
Mine numchuks.gif

(It says review, so I assume you want one even though Laun is giving feedback...)
#5FarMeR`  Mar 8 2007, 22:10 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
thanks both ^^
phoenix you know im not great from my game vs you and light =(
#6PhoenixPrince  Mar 9 2007, 19:29 PM -
Okay done biggrin.gif

btw I don't even remember that game maverick, but me and light are gods in 2v2 so don't sorry about it laugh.gif
#7FarMeR`  Mar 9 2007, 21:15 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
danke smile.gif you still owe me a 1v1 when your conn is better biggrin.gif
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