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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] halfzero+maverick vs james+chen

#1FarMeR`  Oct 7 2006, 18:13 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
this is the 5th game we've played together and the only one i saved, we're 3-2 against em but you know........ we lagged those 3 eyebrow.gif
#2Deadeye  Oct 7 2006, 18:15 PM -
Replays: 6
This was not a very good game, but the only one we had saved against you guys. The game before was much better but we both forgot to save it. This replay shows what happens when you take the middle to fast against Mordor and you do not make catapults. I'm just glad James didn't get Gondor or Rohan in either of these games or it probably would of been much harder matches. Mordor is obviously not his strong suit. 0wn3d.gif
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#3FarMeR`  Oct 7 2006, 18:21 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
i wasnt expecting fast nazgul and also i destroyed some bs just to remake them cuz i was deciding between combos and gandy
#4Guardian  Oct 7 2006, 19:11 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Why did you post a game if it was no good?
#5Deadeye  Oct 7 2006, 19:25 PM -
Replays: 6
Why wont you review my month and half old rep that I have patiently been waiting for?

I am sorry if i sound bitter, but you tagged it about a month ago and let it slide down the pages three times now.

I just do not understand how you can go about reviewing other replays before ones you have already tagged. I know you are probably busy, but that is no excuse to review other replays before the ones you have tagged. I bumped the replay I am talking about and it is on this page still. It is called "Just some entertaining .reps" It was the game vs SDS and BT.

The replay above was posted because out of the 5 matches. This was the only replay that was saved.
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#6Musikguy  Oct 7 2006, 20:51 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
No one review this.
You are so lame for posting this. It was a horrid game and i clearly was messing around. I went fast naz in both games vs rohan/mordor and gondor/mordor.....
You got the OP match up both times and yet you still feel the need to post replays? I guess it's just a coincidence that you save the replays where you got the OP match up and i played horrible. But you don't save the ones where it was a fair match and you got absolutely bashed?
And btw, have you noticed why you have been winning? That first game we played i went 2 pits with no smeagle and 1 mill ALL game. And with rohan/mordor you still we're struggling to win......
Flip the armies around and then let's see what happens ok?
This is just proof that 1/2 games i lose in get posted here. You guys sure do show the level of class you exemplify.
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#7FreedomX10A  Oct 7 2006, 20:58 PM -
lol james and his foolish fooling around during ffg's
#8Deadeye  Oct 7 2006, 21:19 PM -
Replays: 6
James you get offended way to easily. You are turning this into a bad thread. You are a strat mod. I woud expect you to act more mature, to be honest. We have played 5 games. You won two, and we won three. Post all the replays you want of you beating us, and I will not get upset lol.. The games between us have be fun and ggs! Why can't you just say GG every now and then? We do not complain when you beat us. On the other hand when we beat you, it seems like you always say you were playing around and make excuses. Just say gg please? We say GG when you beat us.

I can remeber we beat you twice yesterday. First game was our host so you blamed it on lag. Second game you hosted, and at the beginning of the game I remeber you saying this. "I will play for real this time" Now please tell me you did not say this lol...
This is honestly the only game that was saved between our matchups. If i had the other games I would of posted those as well. It doesn't really matter does it? No, it's a game and it is supposed to be for fun. Is your pride hurt now that a .rep of you was posted when we beat you? I hope not beacuse it really doesn't matter.

I hope we can continue to keep playing 2v2s together, because lately it's been hard to find quality matchups. Also, if you happen to bash us the next time we play, feel free to post it up here. I do not really care.

Anyways, James do not get so offended or upset. Let's keep a good thing going and keep playing each other WITHOUT lame excuse or anything of the sort. If you win we say GG and we have. If we win just please say GG. Not oh we were just playing around or lag. Thanks.

P.S. Also do not complain about OPED matchups! I absolutely hate when people do this! IT IS A RANDOM MIRROR!! LIVE WITH THE TEAMS YOU GET OTHERWISE DO NOT GO RANDOM!

I am not asking for a review here. It was clearly not a good game, but feel free to watch it to see what happens when you take mid early VS mordor and DO NOT make catas.
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#9Musikguy  Oct 7 2006, 21:39 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
QUOTE(Deadeye @ Oct 7 2006, 05:19 PM) *

I am not asking for a review here. It was clearly not a good game, but feel free to watch it to see what happens when you take mid early VS mordor and DO NOT make catas.

You made my point there. If i lose the people who won always feel the need to post it. When it's a GG i say it. This clearly was not. If you think that being mature means that you never get upset then you have a twisted view over what mature means.
Here's maturity for you. You play me when i get back and i'll guarantee you a loss. And if your Half|zero then you have a worse attitude then me so please do not talk.
#10Deadeye  Oct 7 2006, 22:22 PM -
Replays: 6
Yes I am Half|Zero. James, I know you are a great player. I'm not questioning your skills in BFME at all. The only thing that frustrates me is your attitude in game when things do not go your way. You are a poor loser in my opinion, this means to me that you are very competitive and hate to lose! That is a good trait to a certain degree, but when you let it get the best of you it reflects poorly on you.

I also get very frustrated with losing. I hate it in fact, but I try very hard not to express that in game. I just say GG, and get pissed off to myself instead of venting it online to others.

The last thing I want with you, James, is poor relations between each other. I think we can have ggs, and leave it at that if we both just try and be more respectful. I feel that you do not respect me in game because you automatically assume that everyone else is not as good as you. Who knows, you may be the better player in some respects, but that in no way gives you the right to talk the way you do in game.

Just next time we play each other, let's both try and be respectful and just have some fun, ok?
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