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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] LAL|Maverick VS DreaM|OleSchool

#1FarMeR`  Dec 30 2006, 16:31 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
when i saw he was mordor, i thought i had this one
but a quick muma cage * which i've only seen like once * really thru me off
not having host made it hard to get it down even once but i didnt get there in time to take it down permanatly sad.gif
i'd appreciate a gondor pro telling me what i should of done
mumas threw me off so bad
gg poose
#2FarMeR`  Dec 31 2006, 01:29 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
my games dont bite ffs
#3Blueb1rd  Jan 2 2007, 11:58 AM -
il take a look for these nub RRs tongue.gif
#4Blueb1rd  Jan 2 2007, 12:41 PM -
k watched it, if hes getting haradrim try a BS before stables, if you can see hes getting no trolls at all then get farimir and fast upgrades for cav. This will let you keep map control and take most of his base out because he has no trolls. Use elves pp when you have it with fara to kill any rhun or mumakil if he got any. Build archers (not combos) and go straight to his base he wont have much to defend with.
#5Ston3R  Jan 7 2007, 20:24 PM -
mine tbh
will b done around 5pm, Uk time tomorrow
#6Ston3R  Jan 8 2007, 20:15 PM -
IPB ImageLAL|Maverick vs. DreaM|OleSkoolIPB Image

map: Fords of Isen
version: 1.03

IPB ImageLAL|Maverick

PP progression: heal - GtW - elves - EW - rohirrim
creeps: 3/6

  • nice base rushes thumb.gif
  • destroyed his mumak pen at his outpost before the first mumak came out
  • good timing of building statues
  • good GtW micro overall, nice ranking, bad to see him dieing
  • fara LD thumb.gif
  • lost all your horses too fast imo sad.gif
  • creeping could've been better
  • EW was completely useless to choose, only take it if your enemy lays EW
  • without cour horses the chances to get MC was very little. That lead to less eco, not enough ressources for trebs. With the trebs you would've had a chance in the end imo. Just try not to loose that many horses next time and you will have good chances thumb.gif
rating: 6

IPB ImageDreaM|OleSkool

PP progression: eye - TL - industry - darkness
creeps: 3/6

  • had MC very early
  • basically good creeping
  • mumak killing fara 2 times thumb.gif
  • Plz try to guard your outposts and base better, you were really susceptible for his base rushes with knights and GtW
  • lost nazzies unnecessary
  • sieging was a bit slow, but hey, who cares, you won in the end. lol
  • All in all a good game from you that you ended with a nice win. There is not much to improve apart from the some Cons i told you. gg tbh
rating: 7

match comments: A real good Gondor vs Mordor. It was starting good for both teams, both were creeping and Mordor took the early MC. Then GtW came out and caused some problems. But due to the loss of all knights Mordor had space all over the map and started sieging, Gondor couldn't prevent that. Afterwards Gondor was sitting in his half-upgraded base and waited for the attack. Mordor came with some catas, mumaks, nazzies and trolls later. It took him some time, but in the end Gondor fell.
match rating: 6
entertainment rating: 7

RotW contender

Gandy laming tongue.gif


siege start


siege middle


siege end


IPB Image
#7FarMeR`  Jan 8 2007, 22:20 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
thanks stone w00t.gif
i think using fara's sword to kill catas is a ++++++++pro tho tongue.gif
#8Ston3R  Jan 9 2007, 13:13 PM -
fara has a sword?
ofc he has
but many ppl never use it
weird wacko.gif
#9Poose  Jan 10 2007, 03:22 AM -
Wow I leave and all my games are reviewed! Thanks, this is another good review smile.gif
#10FarMeR`  Jan 10 2007, 04:21 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
thats cuz his sword sucks for all but killing catas biggrin.gif
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