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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] bunny vs mavvy

#1FarMeR`  Dec 25 2006, 20:26 PM -
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workin on my rohan and i was gonna go for fast ent but decided he would have gtw by the time i had 5000 so
some mistakes (mostly mine) this was the re on his host and he got the better of me ( aotd and wop :| )
pretty fun game and i really would like advice to what i SHOUld have done

#2FarMeR`  Dec 26 2006, 02:40 AM -
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any feed back

at all

#3FelLbEasT'  Dec 27 2006, 21:01 PM -
ya ya ya i will review tonight

first i need food orange squash and a wank

expect it in 4 hours
#4FarMeR`  Dec 30 2006, 14:45 PM -
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long ass 4 hours huh.gif
#5Madow  Dec 30 2006, 15:14 PM -
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i'll tag this for myself, but i'm not sure how long i will take because of my illness post-13661-1143531603.gif

edit: untagged cry.gif
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#6acerrak  Jan 1 2007, 14:14 PM -
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mine for review
#7acerrak  Jan 1 2007, 15:30 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
B2P|Snowbunny (Gondor)[attachmentid=186053] Vs LAL|Maverick (ROhan)[attachmentid=186052]
Fords Of Isen
Top Gondor
Bottom Rohan

LAL|Maverick (Rohan)[attachmentid=186052]
B.O. 2 farms in/out > extra peas > stables/Rh > theo > ups > ara > combos
P.P. draft > Heal > andurial > elves
creeps 3/6

+stole a creep from a lvl 5 pip
+second batch of peas knocked off gondor's starting units

-Lost pip very early.. This is were your problem started losing him, if he was still there your peas could have crept that top warg lair
-when going after gondors farms split up your bats of peas, have them go to each farm and if pip is chasing one just run them around, lost both of them to pip
-lost theo while on foot probably a honest mistake of dismounting him by accedent. lost hero's foolishly throughout though

Review comments

We all know its hard for Rohan to beat gondor late game. So focusing on early and mid game. To most, Gondor doesnt get the GTW P.P. from creeps they get it from hit and runs on your horses. Normal Gondor will go Fb to get Mc a good counter for this is early Ra's

So go 2 Rh one Ra run them in wedge, try catching his horses creeping or shoot some running buy. If he wants to counter he will get a early faramir, which will slowly give you Mc for a short time. Check his base if you see statues he is going for early gandalf and you dont want to ent start with your ups if you dont see statutes. I suggest ent mot and throw rocks at his citedal then work on those walls getting at least 2 segments down.

You was very passive mid and late game but its hard to counter the old man, but over all you played good

Player Rating 5

B2p|snowbunny (Gondor)[attachmentid=186053]
B.O. 2 farms in/out > smithie > stables 3 KNights > Fb > GTw > trebs > combos
P.P. Heal > gtw > land > elves > eagles > aotd
Creeps 3/6

+destroyed one of rohans farms with starting units
+Pip creeping one warg lair
+good use of Gtw to harass rohans army also reaching LVL 10
+killed many hero's through out the game

-you got Ew but never spammed it
-cash floating mid game
-you really didnt need a market place or a stoneworks, you could have used that money to get quicker combos and brothers to help protect your catas during first seige.

Player Comments

Overall you played a good game, you got some stuff that you didnt have to get like stoneworks or market place and could have went straight for combo's and brothers, however persistant harassing with the old man got him to level 10. You eventually pushed rohan back into there base were you finished them off with a aotd.

Player Rating 7

Game Summary
Some back and fourth action early on but when gondor got the old man out it became a pretty one sided game, were a semi passive rohan tried to battle back. With loss of many hero's and death of many troops rohan struggle for most of the game until the end was sealed with gondor getting aotd and a Lvl 10 gandalf

Entertainment 4
Overall score 5

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