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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Great Rohan vs Gondor

#1FarMeR`  Dec 10 2006, 20:27 PM -
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entertaining game here, i messed up my starting bo bad and got late ups and he went for quick ha.
the end was great tongue.gif
review very appreciated
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#2acerrak  Dec 18 2006, 00:29 AM -
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mine for review
#3acerrak  Dec 18 2006, 03:47 AM -
Replays: 16 Game:
PRo|plastique (Rohan)[attachmentid=180118] Vs LAL|Maverick (Gondor) [attachmentid=180117]
Fords of Isen
Top Rohan
Bottom Gondor

PRo|plastique (Rohan)[attachmentid=180118]

B.O. 2 farms/out > 3 peasents > stables 3 RH\2RA > Ups > Theo > Combos > Fellowship
P.P. Draft > heal > Andurial > EW > Ents > Aotd

Creeps 4\6

+Good peasent rush destroying one outside farms, plus killing gondors starting soldiers
+stole a creep from Knights getting a total of 4
+pretty much kept a good cover on Mc most of early game, and then in late game
+Lvled up many heros including Theo lvl 4 for GC
+Trampled combos with Treebeard (even though he was on fire)

-You gave Gondor a creep you could have had 5 but you ran past it with Rh's letting the Ra's shoot at (Takes forever) and gondor came with Faramir killed RA's and his knights destroyed it
-why get Ra's? You spent around 2100 on them, I mean taking most of the map early game why didnt you go for fast mot knock 3-4 wall segments then get ups or aragon to finish the job, through your straight worked I belive with gondor having such a rocky start you could have pulled it off with ease.
-at one point you was at unit cap and no aragon\andurial was out .... thank goodness Gandalf helped you out here with a wizard blast
-Your seige even through your Rh are GC'd dont run them in tower guards in formation there gonna lose exspecially near a well and statue, Gondor almost completly killed you entire army including all heros save legolas (should get ents to throw rocks at statue or combos with Treebeard LD)

Player Comments
Good game small mini battles and a few big ones, but in the end you completly drained gondor of all its cash so after the siege they could not rebuild citadel, Then the zerg with all your troops gave you Aotd to finish the job.

Player rating 6

LAL|Maverick [attachmentid=180117]

B.O. 2farms in/out >2 in > stables > smithy > knight spam > faramir > Gtw > Combos
P.P. Heal > gtw > elves > eagles

Creeps 2/6

+did hit and runs till you got GTW P.P.
+stole a creep from some Ra's shooting at it
+Decent Gandalf micro even though he died defending at seige
+good defense for as long as you held on

-That build order needs work, farm, Bs 2 out side farms, 1 inside farm stables knight spam is what you should have done
-2/6 creeps .. was because of B.O. and late knights
-when you defended the first seige You had some cash floating, you should have bought boramir, why ? you say cause just off the sheer numbers of horses your TG's killed he would have gotten level 4 just being close by. His added Damage in the middle of that fight may or may have not made a difference but still 60% damage is a very welcomed passive ability

Player Comments
Good game you played, I really think your B.O. killed you early on but rohan did give you time to buildup, by going ups and Ra's instead of ents, had he went ents im pretty sure the game would have been a liitle over 50k, I have played you before and i know your a good Gondor But it doesnt hurt to make trebs in base then move combos and trebs to out post with Gandalf and Knight escort.
No one likes to camp but treb production in your base secures your trebs dont get destroyed and you get some fire on them, before moving them out.

Player Rating 5

Game Summary
Pretty good display of both Gondor and rohan seeing a variety of units from both sides, there some slow times that I had to fast foward through but over all a good game for some newcomers to watch and learn some tips from.
Rohan early Cav with some Ra's in the mix chose to go ups, but dong this bought Gondor time for the old man to get out, a few big battles and some mini battles made it a good game.

Entertainment 5
Overall Score 5

Rohan Victory

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