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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Gondor vs Isengard

#11k3anU  Nov 28 2006, 22:17 PM -
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i got side tracked sorry... but i watched the game and need to write the review. i might have it done tonight, but posted no later than tomorrow. i have traveled from florida to boston in the past week and it had delayed my fun time, tongue.gif

let me know if you want someone else to review
#12FarMeR`  Nov 30 2006, 04:43 AM -
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naaa no problem man you did the other one nicely, do what it if ya want smile.gif
#13k3anU  Nov 30 2006, 05:43 AM -
Replays: 46 Game:
Game: IPB Image LAL|Maverick* VS esa|TurtleTuckeIPB Image

IPB Image LAL|Maverick*
Basic BO : BS + Farm, Farm, Stables
PPs : EW, Heal, Elven Sum, Rohirrim Sum, Eagle Sum, GtW
Strat : Harass Isen, Fast Knights, Creeping, HS, Bora, Ups, Foot/Archer battalions, Fire, Outpost, Ups, Fara, GtW

+ Good Creeping
+ lvl 4 Bora, LD bonus
+ Good Hero Micro
+ Good Formation Usage
+ Good PP Usage
+ Good Harassment

- Floating resources
- B.O.

Comments: Gondor, the land of the Minas Tirthians, you defeated the Isen by hurting his eco early game, lvl 4 Bora, no delays in jumping your strategy, and with good micro. Early game you used your initial foots + EW + good micro to crush Isenís early game economy. Your creeping was superior in this game taking 5/6. You quickly ranked Bora lvl 4, giving you an LD advantage. You maintained perfect patience. Couple of times in your strategy you delayed sending your units out onto the battlefield until you were completely prepared to take on the heavily armored units baring the White Hand of Saruman. You took an outpost a bit early in this game, and then Isen attacked your wallz of stone. You had to return to your fortress and defend the white castle, with every bit of your might. You used your summoning PP to help you defeat this invasion proclaimed by your opponent, and sent him retreating to the fog of the map. That only lasted long enough for him to muster up another incursion attempt. The second time you had all your summoning PPís including Eagles. You used your PPís to help you defend your castle while you counter attacked the tree barren lands of Isen. You defeated his fortress and then defeated the remaining units lead by Lurtz and Saruman, at the expense of all your ground forces. I did ding you on floating resources. I noticed early game you put a tower in your castle, but deleted it before it was completely built. This was a very good game by you. Your formation usage was perfect, and your micro was one of the largest contributors in this victory. GJ!

IPB Image esa|TurtleTucke
Basic BO : pit + furn,
PPs : Chant, Industry, Pal, TL, Freezing Rain
Strat : Uruk-Hai spam, Pikes, Wargs Riders, Ups, MC, Pike Spam + Warg Spam, Pike/Archers, Seige, Lurtz

+ Good Micro
+ Good Formation
+ Early MC
+ Good Harassment
+ Good Resource Usage

- Deleting Buildings in Yellow
- Delayed using Speech Craft

Comments: Isenguard, your eco was damaged early game and that ultimately slowed your strategy. That hurt you early game for creeping and sealed your fate for this game; you were always a step behind Gondor. Early game you attempted to defend your millz with the first 2 units of Uruk-Hai. Gondor put his EW down and you danced around him a couple of times, delaying him from taking your mill down. Then your 3rd unit came out, and you sent them to Gondors settlements. I think your should have defended with all 3 units and then sent them to your opponents settlements. Your micro was highly skilled and you managed to use all your resources almost continuously up until the final chapters in this game. You gained MC by spamming your pikes and Wargs. I felt your strategy was perfect, but your opponent had gained so many of those deadly Gondor PPís. Gondor has so many summoning PPís, and that is part of the reason it is so imperative that Isen takes atleast 3/6 creeps. I think that was the largest reason you didnít walk away with this victory. I did ding you not using Speech Craft right away. I think that is a very low end CON, but it is there and can help alittle. Your game was strong and you played highly skilled, but your start in this game ultamitly hurt you and gave gondor enough time to creep the map, speeding up his eco, and delaying yours.

Game Comments: This game was an epic battle from two superior races, and only one race could have supremacy over the Ford of Isen. This replay was packed with action, and I wasnít really sure who would win this game. There was so much harassment from both races. Isen was delayed early game, but then came back with a heavy blow with his fast sieging skillz. GG_guyz, I enjoyed watching, post again.


IPB Image LAL|Maverick*
Creeps : 5/6
Micro : 7/10
Strat : 7/10
Overall : 7/10

IPB Image esa|TurtleTucke
Creeps : 1/6
Micro : 7/10
Strat : 6/10
Overall : 6/10

Entertainment : 6/10
Overall Rating : 6/10

RoTW contender
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#14esa|TurtleTucke  Nov 30 2006, 06:31 AM -
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Very nice review m8 wub.gif
Really like your style tongue.gif !!!
#15k3anU  Nov 30 2006, 17:01 PM -
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does that outline look familar? tongue.gif
#16esa|TurtleTucke  Nov 30 2006, 17:25 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
uhmmm laugh.gif cant remember tongue.gif
#17FarMeR`  Dec 1 2006, 03:34 AM -
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thx wub.gif
#18Deadeye  Dec 1 2006, 04:53 AM -
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OMG! DO i know you?

Does your xfire work lol?

Dood I am on a wub list! I'm so excited.
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#19FarMeR`  Dec 2 2006, 23:46 PM -
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where have you been ohmy.gif
i havnt been playing much but havnt seen you on xfire for like a month now
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