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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] great rematch!

#11Grendel|6  Oct 25 2006, 18:55 PM -
Replays: 3
nice fights in this match, was very entertaining to watch.

Gondor with this strat needs boro very erlier. boro can help you very well, and you had the money. Some catas would be nice too. wink.gif

Isen, wy you dont build more ballista?

Well played from both players with the same skill.
#12Ston3R  Oct 25 2006, 19:05 PM -
IPB ImageLAL|Maverick vs. LAL|L0rdLuanIPB Image

map: Fords of Isen
version: 1.03


start: 2 farms inside, Pippin, 2 farms outside
PP progression: EW - heal - elves - rohirrim - eagles - GtW - AotD - Cloudbreak
creeps 2/6

thum.gif u really took the other reviews to heart and tried to improve, what u were doing very good tbh
thum.gif got his ranked pit down to stop him from pikespamming and increasing his army
thum.gif good formation use
thum.gif very good mill harassing
thum.gif LD of fara
thum.gif MC from middle on

sad.gif last game u were creeping damn good vs him, but in this one u only got 2
sad.gif only 3 statues to GtW (4!)
sad.gif not the most cheapest way to buy grades with only 5 BSs....u needed a 6th one
sad.gif lost all but 1 bat of horses
sad.gif GtW/fara in the last battle a bit too far away to give LD (but anyway u won it, hehe)

comments: I'm proud of u. U nearly made everything i told u in the last review vs the Lord, but u made some other smaller mistakes. But all in all this game was on ur side. After a bit of a bad start u got back on top and after some battles for the lead u got him. And it's true: The summoned units can kill isen. I really liked the thing when u were fleeing with 2 batts of knights from his base. 1 batt with 1 knight left and another one with 3. The one with 3 were in front, but then u stopped to prevent his towers from killing ur 2nd bat thumb.gif . All in all a good match from u and so is the rating....
rating: 6


start: 2 furns, 2 mills
PP progression: WC - industry - TL - rain - balrog - palantir - devastation
creeps 4/6

thum.gif good creeping
thum.gif good MC till middle game
thum.gif good formation use all in all

sad.gif defensive start (not even an attack on his farms)
sad.gif i would first apply the bought grades b4 buying a new one
sad.gif lost Lurtz 3 times
sad.gif lost MC, u see that covering a mill with pikes aint enough
sad.gif lost mills very often and had to rebuild them
sad.gif not enough ballistas to harm his combos/pinned heroes

comments: This time u had a better start than ur last game vs mav, but then u didn't had the comeback. Some mistakes made u to lose ur wargs which lead u to not b that aggressive as u should b. Afterwards u lost ur MC, because infantry aint that fast and in the battles u were mostly a bit behind. Mav played a good game and u had just no chance to build up ur army again and so it was over prolly a bit fast
rating: 5

match comments: Really better than ur last game. But this one it was different. Mav started not as good as last time, but afterwards he got in front. With his FU horses he was really slowing isens eco down with always killing his mills and then he just rolled over isens army with the help of his summoned units. A good game of gondor, but isen had his good scenes in it as well. All in all it was an attack of gondor on isen...gondor lost....isen was attacking gondor....isen lost....and gondor built up his army faster and pwned him, lol
match rating: 6
entertainment rating: 6

RotW contender

1st attack on isen, but he saved his life easily


re-attack on gondor (failed btw)


final battle with gondor winner

#13LiGhT`  Oct 25 2006, 19:12 PM -
Great review, keep it up Stone pirate.gif
#14Ston3R  Oct 25 2006, 19:33 PM -
thx & wub.gif our always beloved LIGHTpro
#15FarMeR`  Oct 26 2006, 20:45 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
wub.gif stone
my first rotw contender biggrin.gif
all thx for stone's advice wink.gif
no ss of gandy owning rog? ohmy.gif
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#16Ston3R  Oct 26 2006, 21:00 PM -
missed that tbh post-13661-1143531603.gif
#17FarMeR`  Oct 26 2006, 21:04 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
watch again biggrin.gif also smart to throw in summoned rohirrm before last bat of fu knights eh? tongue.gif
#18Ston3R  Oct 26 2006, 21:16 PM -
#19TheBossMan  Oct 26 2006, 21:23 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Gotta agree with LiGhT`, excellent review 5TON3. Congrats Mav on your RotW contender! smile.gif
#20Lord Nevets  Oct 27 2006, 04:23 AM -
nice friken job boys banana.gif
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