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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Mav Vs Gen

#1FarMeR`  Oct 21 2006, 05:24 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
just to let you all know this was an off day for gen, and my host is pretty laggy tongue.gif
and no i didnt win, not trying to show a bash off a pro and try ta look good off it
i need help vs mass trolls and lots of nazz wacko.gif i tried spread out rangers but i still couldnt take it
mordor is op frusty.gif
review plz smile.gif
#2general grievous^  Oct 21 2006, 13:25 PM -
Better Gandalf micro would have helped alot. Once again I couldn't get the outposts to get mumaks lol. This time i was smart I went right for the Wk when I had the chance because I knew once Gandy came out I'd be losing trolls FAST and constantly dry.gif Luckily i owned him like what 3 times laugh.gif
Edit: I had a few lag problems with my Nazguls, one of the times I lost my Wk because he was under fire by 5 Ranger bats and he took too long to respond sad.gif
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#3FarMeR`  Oct 21 2006, 19:19 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
bet youhated my boro at first biggrin.gif

it was so annoying when i had to re-que gandy three times near the end:( and i never even got him out
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#4Axcell  Oct 23 2006, 16:48 PM -
#5LiGhT`  Oct 23 2006, 17:01 PM -
Nice to see your activity picking up again Axcell, keep it up thumb.gif
#6Axcell  Oct 27 2006, 11:19 AM -
MaVerick727 vs Genra1Grievous0

Version: 1.03

Matchup: Gondor vs Mordor
Map: Fords of isen

Saved as: mordor_owns
Date of play: 21-10-2006

MaVerick727 (Gondor)

Starting BO: 2 farms in, Pippin, 2 out
Strat: 3 knights-> HS-> Faramir-> Boromir-> Gandalf-> combo's + ups-> rangers
PP: EW- Heal - GtW - Elves - Eagles


smile.gif EW when Eos was casted early
smile.gif Deleted stable after HS
smile.gif Decent harassing and creeping
smile.gif Spreaded out archers at times
smile.gif Killed WK twice, naz twice


sad.gif 6 farms before stable
sad.gif Second EW and let your first EW get overcasted later in the game
sad.gif Should have destroyed rax after combo use
sad.gif Used eagles on healthy nagzul
sad.gif Lost Boromir, Faramir and Gandalf 3x

Your main problem in this game was your early game, in the early game you can gain a big advantage over mordor. You got horses out late and used them first to creep. Let your first kight bat harass them and second creep. You got HS but didn't really attempt to rush him. If you got good micro a HS rush will be succesful with only 1 or 2 trolls out. It keeps their trolls also busy from creeping and regaining MC. I'm not really a fan of combo's. They can take much damage from towers and orcs but are slower and more expensive to get. Above all they require a rax that Eagles should be used on his trolls, cata's and alomst dead naz. Naz can escape relatively easily. Winning against late game mordor is very hard. Mostly you will be able to give mordor a hard time at midgame. Your best bet is taking out small groups of units at times and attacking his base if he wants to attack yours. Annoy the **** out of him.

Overall gameplay from MaVerick727: 5,5


Starting BO: pit, gullum, 2 mills
Strat: orc spam-> troll spam-> dummers-> WK-> naz-> naz-> combo's.
PP: EoS - TL - Industry - Darkness - Balrog


smile.gif Trolls with trees
smile.gif Gollum to spy
smile.gif Fast WK
smile.gif Guard use for naz and trolls
smile.gif Killed alot of heroes


sad.gif Didn't always attack with full LD, should be more careful with picking out potential attacks.
sad.gif Lost WK and naz twice
sad.gif Didn't spread out trolls at all resulting into multiple trolls getting hit by IL.
sad.gif Late combo's

Fended off their early rush very well. Overwrited their land. You managed to gain MC because of his weak early game. Though you should be more careful with attacks. Alot of them failed. Spread out trolls to avoid multiple trolls getting hit by IL, WB or Boromir so they all lay down.

Overall gameplay from Genra1Grievous0: 6

Many battles and evenly matched a long part of the game. Very entertaining and therefore Rotw contender

MaVerick727 : 5,5
Genra1Grievous0 : 6
Game rating: 6

Entertainment: 6,5

Rotw contender




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#7FarMeR`  Oct 27 2006, 17:49 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
thx axcell wink.gif

but i really dont think rotw quality wacko.gif
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