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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] mav vs luan

#1FarMeR`  Oct 14 2006, 07:39 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
This was one of the more challenging isen's i've played.
Besides the fact that its 3am and my micro sucked i think it was a vgg ^^
Review plz laugh.gif
#2Ston3R  Oct 16 2006, 18:19 PM -
#3Ston3R  Oct 17 2006, 15:04 PM -
IPB ImageMaVerick727 vs. L0rdLuanIPB Image

map: Fords of Isen
version: 1.03

IPB ImageMaVerick727

start: 2 inner farms, Pippin, 2 outside farms
PP progression: EW - heal - elves - rohirrim
creeps: 6/6

thum.gif pro creeping ( thumb.gif bowdown.gif thumb.gif )
thum.gif trampled all isen xbows that he needed for the rank 2 pit and made ur knights reach rank 2 because of that
thum.gif LD of brothers

sad.gif didn't buy HS, which was a huge mistake
sad.gif lost many knights vs pikes (sometimes even on EW), ill give u a tip in the comments
sad.gif casted EW even at the time when u had to expect him to have TL, then he casted it over u

comments: Pro starting phase, but the ending.....wacko.gif U started really good, but then it was far away of a good performance., U could've killed him easily, but u didn't. Some tips: ALWAYS buy HS vs isen. HS rush would've worked very well as well. He would've had absolutely NO chance. And what is very important especially for u: When u want ur knights to retreat don't just click on ur base and wait till they arrive there. Watch their way, because his pikes were really dangerous for u and cost u many batts of knights. So afterwards u even had to rebuild stables.... in short words...get better horse micro with learning by doing wink.gif . And vs isen i would advice u to go for horses, HS, grades and THEN the combos. Best would b to check out the Gondor strat forums for that wink.gif
rating: 5

IPB ImageL0rdLuan

start: pit+uruk, 2 mills
PP progression: WC - industry - TL - rain
creeps: 0/6

thum.gif extra labs
thum.gif Lurtz LD
thum.gif last 2 battles, when u had him

sad.gif starting with pit vs random....prolly a bit outdated
sad.gif fighting on EW sometimes (once even pikes vs soldiers 0wn3d.gif )
sad.gif lost 1 bat of uruks vs his Pippin when u attacked a farm and didn't even get it down
sad.gif no formation when u trampled with ur wargs, sometimes bad formation use even in other battles
0wn3d.gif 0wn3d.gif 0wn3d.gif horrible creeping 0wn3d.gif 0wn3d.gif 0wn3d.gif

comments: Omg, what a bad start. When i first saw it i never expected u to win this game. But i have to admit well done from middle game on. A tip fo the start: when u pass the fords on top and see some soldiers coming, WC ur uruks and kill as many soldiers as possible that r on their way to ur mill. With that he won't cast EW right away and u kill many soldiers wink.gif . Afterwards ur gaming get better and in the end there was nearly everything perfect, but the formation use sometimes. With a better starting phase u would've won earlier tbh.
rating: 5

match comments:
Beginning pro Gondor start with all creeps and an extremely horrible start from isen. But then the game turned with some bad attacks from Gondor (i had the feeling that they weren't planned right....). Afterwards isen had the advantage and siege Gondor successfully. If i would count the start of Gondor and the end of Isen this could be easily a RotW, but with the game turning its just:
match rating: 5
entertainment rating: 4

isen owning


EDIT - sorry that this one took me that long, but DeadMetal successfully prevented me from posting this yesterday 0wn3d.gif
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#4deweydecimal  Oct 17 2006, 16:39 PM -
Nice comeback Luan!! but just an observation for Maverick... seems to me that most (if not all) isen's get wargs at some point in the game, so during your seige attempt, a couple of TG's would have slowed his wargs down, allowing your combos to take control. His wargs pretty much took out your whole army in that battle. I was also surprised Luan came back to win after the start, but good players tend to do that!!! (not me of course)...


#5Ston3R  Oct 17 2006, 18:26 PM -
his TG's were too late tbh....
but elves should normally solve this prob and do the job
#6FarMeR`  Oct 18 2006, 05:36 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
thx for review stone ^^
really i dont know Why i didnt buy hs, i always do now vs fod ever since james pointed it out
big mistake there sad.gif
ill try get some better play in wink.gif
#7Ston3R  Oct 18 2006, 14:53 PM -
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