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Battle for Middle Earth

Gondor vs Isengard

#1StiWie`  May 13 2019, 00:46 AM -
This was one of the best games I've ever played. It may seem theres a lot of mistakes from both sides but its due to the pressure caused by each other in the entire game. Even the most little mistake from one player causes a big impact in the game. Lot of action and shit.

Latin Kings fiestaaaaaa
#2suturbs  May 13 2019, 02:54 AM -
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Soldiers first walk through middle ford..
But first uruk interceps pretty early!
Henceforth, landing early! Delaying wasting(?) first chant!
Then, pipin soldiers march to mill...

Gondor didn't have a great early game "even if" made barracks and 2 more soldiers. Were not very effective because of late horsery.. At least delayed creeps of Isen, and attacking to farms..

However, Gondor combined a horse to soldier.. =D At least none of the horses weren't high ranked! Furthermore, lost one of the produced 3 horses... There is 1 horse left except the soldier-horse combo... He lost to pike uruk combo, pretty nasty unit against horse, "you" can "never" estimate it's power/behavior etc... Coz a rare used unit...

At least used the Soldier-Knight combo pretty relatively nice =D if he didnt use & care to save it through battles, probably would lose this game by a small ignoring of that unit...

Again, lost one more horse too, later... Till now, isen's basic moves, decisions to harras, and unit choice such as uruk-pike combos did pretty well against lower rank horses and stuf... And against probably soldiers - but stiwi haven't done them (yet)..


At this point whou would guess, what could Gondor do from this point?!
Just watch and see what could be done!

For example! Lots of battles around gate, & rank 10 Soldier-Knight combo! Harder to lose 10 single battalions!

I dont likhe how this could win a game withotu gandi using other units... However, good to see he had 3 extra farm when he was harrasing main base pretty nicely... Having eagles before gandalff....

Then... at last! He took gandalf and used any spells whenever free, such as lighting a warg appears... The moment i started to like it..

Kept killing the only uruk pit... I think outposts should have 1 pit each, like MERGIN does, its pretty badass when using aod, he just regenerates uruks from everywhere in seconds!!

Rog was nearer, but pit wasn't much, outposts were at stake.. I think Isen took some comfrot and experimental of the pikes... I bet none knew who had greatest advantage at many times...

However, isen still nearer to rog, and bought it casted in on camp, eagles and gandi countered but gandi dead... Story starts to be more interesting!!! Because The rog was just killed! Meant AOD!

Thats what i was talking about, regenerating a AODÍd Isen hard to regenerate units to both mapcontrol and gondor base harrasment....


However, things didnt come to this! Second rog whipped a eagle and isen focused on aod'ed base, while having 2 outposts... I guess rog could end it there without caring eagles... coz no gandi my frend... And if he aod the rog, ISen could give no fak to wahatever happens... Fınally gondor stayed alive from 2nd rog! Along with being able to rush isen base with aod + horses! Nicest of late things after a Balrog for Gondor!


Third BalRog again fails, due to both aod + ROG + exhausting this time, however...

Fourth rog was sloppy again, and aod casted on isen base... Guys i know you tu gut micro,multiple region commandercihef genrals... But please sometimes ignore all shit and focus only one of the micro works... I would do like that and either finsih it, or let he dominate afterwards, if survive.... CbA the effort men, thats why i don't play 1x1, would lose in alot of stages due to focusing too much on stuff, and if doesnt pay back... losing mapcontroll...

This time, isen was damaged alot... 4 mills, few furnaces in whole map ,and 111 cp, probably 30 laborers... Summons too badass rushing to isen base constantly... But managed to make few wargs and repaired map control!

And more importantly, this time fifth rog finishes base! Good Job!

Gondor seems having pretty less good early game, but eventaully did great. .Good work Stiwi & Lating...
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#3LATINO  May 13 2019, 12:14 PM -

Latin Kings the best ❤️

#4Felixanius  May 13 2019, 22:45 PM -

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#5korund  May 13 2019, 23:49 PM -
I was delighted! Louis recovered from the ashes. returned all the losses. ruined isengard. I got ready to drink champagne. send to Argentina a congratulatory telegram. and suddenly .... he lost! my mood died. I even canceled sex with my wife. Disappointment! ((
#6suturbs  May 14 2019, 00:55 AM -
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QUOTE(korund @ Today, 01:49 AM)
I was delighted! Louis recovered from the ashes. returned all the losses. ruined isengard. I got ready to drink champagne. send to Argentina a congratulatory telegram. and suddenly .... he lost! my mood died. I even canceled sex with my wife. Disappointment! ((

lol But true, I was also disappointed, thought stiwie won from such ashes.. Thats why I was to wub but waited till the end, luckily. Tho still wubworth battles..
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