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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] B2P vs cute^sam and krysler

#1jack079fx  Aug 10 2006, 15:13 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
1 of the most challenging games i have had in weeks with a tough mordor opponent and i think this game me and urza had real great teamwork, anyway this is a great game full of action so its a good watch and urza wants me to say that when gandalf was on 0 health in the middle he should have died..lol..but it was really unlucky tbh, maybe if i kept my naz atacking he would have died before he could heal

anyway gg all and a review when ready, thanks smile.gif

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#2Musikguy  Aug 10 2006, 19:01 PM -
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i wonder who cute^san is pirate.gif
#3FelLbEasT'  Aug 10 2006, 19:03 PM -
#4LittleDragonZ  Aug 13 2006, 02:08 AM -
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QUOTE(FelLbEasT' @ Aug 10 2006, 08:03 PM) *


Cute^Sam is Haiku/Moose lol.
#5jack079fx  Aug 13 2006, 14:03 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
its gotta be him if its not its cute^smile .. cos we played sam and smile in 2v2 and moose replied on the topic of the replay i posted smile.gif

review please?
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#6FelLbEasT'  Aug 21 2006, 13:49 PM -
I own.
#7spanner  Aug 21 2006, 19:47 PM -
was a gg until gondor let his base be destroyed by ents- 1 naz would have pwned them (if sent before elves, trolls and wk came)
#8Apex.  Aug 24 2006, 01:55 AM -
Stay on topic with the replay please, flamming is unacceptable.
#9tommynt  Aug 28 2006, 08:29 AM -
Replays: 23
review by tommynt

B2P|Urza (Rohan) + B2P|HanNiBaL^ (Mordor) on right vs GaL4Xy|DreaM (Gondor) + Cute^Sam (Mordor)
Verion: 1.03
Map: Anorien

GaL4Xy|DreaM (Gondor) + Cute^Sam (Mordor):

Bo, Strat: M: 3 mills, pit, fill with slaughter, Naz, middle ; G: 2 Farms, Bs, Stables, 3 Knights, HS, Gandalf

+ no cashfloating /espacially Mordor early game
+ good use of start units
+ good strat (fast Naz)
+ saved lot of highly injured units

+/- creeping (but better give unit experience instead naz destroying creep)

- no use of early pp advantage
- fast Nazgul wasnt abused
- cage and siege in middle
- no mixing of normal Trolls tp protect Naz and combos
- Horsemicro wasnt effective
- lost several Naz to Eowin
- Gandalf micro

Comments: No floating money and generally bit better use of units gave u superfast Naz which might have decided game allready.
opp had really nothing to stop him, but weiredly u didnt kill off all they got but went creeping with him. With Naz out and not a single counterunit there should have really been no horses left. When Eowin was out u just forgot several times of her and lost several Naz what d not have mattered if u d have protected combos with some treetrolls and some better Gandalf use. Dont let Gandlaf go on loneranger suicide missions but abuse his powers gainst single units from far distance and use his ls. Faramir should have come more early to counter opp Naz and heros. The kinda decent Mordor game wasnt backed up by Gondor and 0 normal Trolls to loose lvl 10 combos in 2 sec isnt way to go for Mordor. Still i liked the general strat a lot. Low 5

Rating: 5

B2P|Urza (Rohan) + B2P|HanNiBaL^ (Mordor) on right:

Bo, Strategy: M: 3 mills, Pit, 5 slaugh, Cage, 1 Trolls, disband cage, Naz R: 3 Farms, 2 Rohirim, disband stabel, Theo, Eowin, Lego, Combos

+ switched strat fast when u saw Naz
+ Eowin lvl 8 killing Several Nazguls
+ used lego train archer
+ GC Ride for total ownage of combos
+ good use of ls
+ good teamwork
+ unit mix
+ ents to kill off Gondor before Gandalf back

- Mordor floating money
- early Theo ls advantage wasnt used too good
- lost some Nazguls a bit needles
- lost vl 10 and lvl 5 horses totaly needless

Comments: your early game wasnt good at all, but once they got middle and eowin and naz killed his naz u got your game to a very good lvl. Espacially Rohan made best out of his fraction, with GC ride and combos backed by massls and lego. Mordor used Trolls so much better then opp Mordor. Close to 6 as u did some really nice work in end.

Rating: 5

General Notes on the game: I liked the strats used a lot, but micro was lacking badly several times, what stops this game from a higher rating. B2P still did a very nice comeback with good unit mix and use of kinda all their fraction can give.

Entertainment: 5

Overall Score: 5
#10Urza  Aug 28 2006, 16:08 PM -
thanks for the very good replay tommynt
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