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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] P2B vs Beer

#21general grievous^  Jul 1 2006, 21:57 PM -
QUOTE(JoOoOE @ Jun 30 2006, 03:54 PM) *

he is proud winning vs 2 Rohan with Isen/Rohan after a long long game
Gratz Maia, u are a joke btw

Rohan Isen is a counter to 2 rohan and 2 isen. Then Rohan Isen sucks vs almost every other combo except maybe Gondor Isen a little bit. For some reason Gondor Isen is somewhat balanced, that matchup can go in any1s favor
#22PhoenixPrince  Jul 2 2006, 18:31 PM -
omg WTF.gif

21 posts exactly 0 things said that were actually useful eyebrow.gif

Ok so Iím going to review unless anyone had any objections?

Or am I being to nice by asking? Everyone else just says "mine"

So "mine" tongue.gif
#23Mavs  Jul 4 2006, 23:13 PM -
Come on Phoenix gogogo review it
#24purpose  Jul 5 2006, 08:15 AM -
QUOTE(PhoenixPrince @ Jul 2 2006, 06:31 PM) *

omg WTF.gif

21 posts exactly 0 things said that were actually useful eyebrow.gif

Ok so Iím going to review unless anyone had any objections?

Or am I being to nice by asking? Everyone else just says "mine"

So "mine" tongue.gif

Well RRs usually just claim the rep and say that they will do the review. But If you are not a RR, then you cant make an official review. But of course you are allowed to do a test review, or aunofficial review. and then its good to ask the poster if they think its ok. Then they have to tell us RRs if they still want a official review made by an RR or if yours is enough biggrin.gif

EDIT: I can do this one.
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#25purpose  Jul 7 2006, 09:19 AM -
IPB Image P2B|StormBlue / P2B|Maia^ IPB Image
IPB Image Beer|grandma / Beer|Polyhymnia IPB Image

Map: Anorien
IPB Image
Patch: 1.03


P2B|StormBlue IPB Image P2B|Maia^ IPB Image

Build Order: 2 Farms in and 1 out / Pit + 3 mills
PP: WC -> Industry -> Rain / Draft -> Heal -> Anduril -> EW -> Ents -> AoD

Pros and Cons:

thum.gif Extra spot for Isen and extra workers
thum.gif ok harassing, but you only got down one farm
thum.gif Killed leggy a few times early
thum.gif Also killed most heros
thum.gif Used Sarumans lvl up power on units
thum.gif Good teamwork both when defending and attacking

sad.gif Lost many heros
sad.gif Dident use Theos lvl up ability
sad.gif To careless at times with units and heros.

Comments: It looked like you were gonna win the early harassing game. But you only managed to get one farm down. They launched another pesent rush and took afew of your farms and mills down. They took middle first and you dident really had anything to respond with at that time. Though you played it cool and tired to harass with rohirrim, while Isen built up an army to go. Though at first you planned on mooting rohan, but then decided to sell it and go for leggy and Aragorn instead. Maybe ents would have been good afterall? The only fire they had were the combos in the middle. To defend vs ents they had to send them down, making middle open to Isenguard to attck. Though combos and Aragorn could have taken ents out quick and then there army would have been superior to yours. For along time you basically looked for the moment to attack middle, it was a lot of moving back and forth. When the big battle came, your big rohirrim GC army did good work and together with Isen army you took out all they had. After that it was GG. The game lasted a bit longer snice Beer got AoD on both PPs and Aragorn lvl 10. In the end that would not have been enough to turn the game and win, only to make it a bit longer.

Rating: 5/10


Beer|grandma IPB Image Beer|Polyhymnia IPB Image

Build Order: 2 Farms in and 2 out / 2 Farms in and 2 out
PP: Draft -> Heal -> Anduril -> EW -> Ents -> AoD -> CB / Draft -> Heal -> Anduril

Pros and Cons:

thum.gif Good early harassing
thum.gif Good defending off own farms, they only took one down
thum.gif Good creeping
thum.gif Killed most of the heros
thum.gif Good constant hit and runs on his base, to force them to guard it
thum.gif lvl 10 Aragorn

sad.gif To careless with Legolas early game, lost him a few times
sad.gif Lost most heros more then one time.
sad.gif Maybe to passive

Comments: Your early game was very good, and you pulled of a nice pesentspam, and defended very well vs uruks and pesents. One went rohirrim and one combos, theo to middle. You got the middle and could keep it. But after that you had to go for upgrades, and you couldent make any units for a while. You lost leggy more then one time early game and had to spend money on rebuilding him. That ended up in you not having the bigger or better army that you could have had, forcing you to stay in middle, rather than pushing forward and taking ISen out. When the big battle came, you had equal forces, though they had a bigger army of rohirrim with GC, and they took Legolas and peomen out good. You played very even with P2B and in games like this its very small things that decide the outcome. In this game I think the early game were you couldent really take advantage of the middle like you could have, decided the outcome. You defended well, but in the end, even with lvl 10 Aragorn and AoD, you could not counter. GG

Rating 5/10


Match Comments: Two teams that played much vs eachother and knows the opponent well. Very even game that was decided by the fact that Beer couldent use the upper hand they got with the middle. It all came down to the first big battle and in that one, P2B were stronger. Double Rohan couldent match the mixed army that Isen/Rohan could get and it was GG. Some nice action, and some nice moves aswell, but also some careless play from both sides and some passiveness. Still a entertaining game to watch, so itís a RoTW contender.

Entertainment value: 6/10

Overall game rating: 5/10
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#26E1rond  Jul 7 2006, 11:12 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
QUOTE(purpose @ Jul 7 2006, 11:19 AM) *

sad.gif lvl 10 Aragorn

#27purpose  Jul 7 2006, 12:40 PM -
QUOTE(E1rond @ Jul 7 2006, 11:12 AM) *


Lo well that should be a pro of course. dont know how that got there whistling.gif biggrin.gif

It was a good job getting Ara to lvl 10 and his smaller AoD is a very good power.
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#28jack079fx  Jul 7 2006, 13:43 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
gg i thought i would lose cos of early game and loosing some of my mills very badly, but then i got good time for an army, got rain and thanks to stormblues ownage rohirrim we won smile.gif

thanks for the review.
#29PhoenixPrince  Jul 7 2006, 15:29 PM -
Sorry guys. I wasnít able to review. I was REALLY busy getting ready for camp and just couldnít find the time. (Although I did get it about half way done) anyways, Iím not going to have time to finish it cry.gif .

so thanks to purpose for reviewing so I donít feel quite so bad saying this wub.gif

Cheers mates

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