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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] maia/ mavs vs tommy/storm

#1jack079fx  Jun 15 2006, 19:25 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
yo guys, me n mavsman played stormblue and tommy and this game was totally OP...at first i thought we lost cos of the poor start me n mavsman had but then we like totally came back to kick ass n take names! anyway gg tommy and storm..all well played..few mistakes.. nevertheless a nice game smile.gif

yo joe this game shows a nice example of how me n mavs with gondor isen countered their mordor rohan smile.gif

and hey tommy i know that rain can cancel darkness and that darkness cant cancel rain..its exactly why i did it without hesitation!


anyway dudes check this fun rep out n review when ur ready guys!
#2Mavs  Jun 15 2006, 19:42 PM -
We started sloppy but came back strong, like maia said. gg
#3PayBack  Jun 15 2006, 22:01 PM -
heheheh "started sloppy" tongue.gif
#4Mavs  Jun 16 2006, 11:46 AM -
A sports term smile.gif
#5JoOoOE  Jun 18 2006, 08:44 AM -
Replays: 17 Game:
is Maia posting every game he plays???
only a question, no need to flame me now
#6jack079fx  Jun 18 2006, 09:07 AM -
Replays: 19 Game:
na just the good one's and this was...believe me i play more ffg's than this and this 1 did stick out a bit
#7JoOoOE  Jun 18 2006, 09:20 AM -
Replays: 17 Game:
then u play much good games biggrin.gif
#8Mavs  Jun 18 2006, 12:21 PM -
tbh maia does post a lot, but usually the ones he posts are pretty good. I am in many of them tongue.gif
#9JoOoOE  Jun 18 2006, 18:19 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
k so they are bad
#10Mavs  Jun 19 2006, 10:19 AM -
emmm, right. And you said YOU are trying to be nice to us for a change? And that I am flaming you nonstop? You are funny joe.
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