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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] maia/ mavs vs tommy/storm

#31OnFiRe  Jul 9 2006, 21:49 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Ya i did like 90% now biggrin.gif
#32SoX  Jul 9 2006, 22:05 PM -
QUOTE(FelLbEasT' @ Jul 9 2006, 09:01 AM) *

This game is to be reviewed next me thinks, then its mine and keidys game, then its Rangers game, then its Phoenixs game.

i think whoever is lookin for more help for gameplay should have there reps reviewed first.

#33OnFiRe  Jul 9 2006, 22:20 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Wise^Maia (Isengard) + P2B|Mavsman (Gondor) VS T4B|StormBlue (Rohan) + tommynt (Mordor)

Map: Anorian
Patch: 1.03

Wise^Maia (Isengard) and P2B|Mavsman (Gondor)

Starting Bo:
Pit and 3 mills
Bs + Farms/ 1 outside farm

PP progression:
War chant>Industry>Rain
Land>Heal>GTW>Rohhirm allys>Eagles

General Bo:

biggrin.gif Gave extra mill to Isengard.
biggrin.gif Exrtra labs (eventually)
biggrin.gif Good sneak attack on tommynt's base, destroying his troll cage.
biggrin.gif Good creeping with Faramir
biggrin.gif Good hero micro.
biggrin.gif Fast rain

sad.gif Lost a set of uruks at to troll at start.
sad.gif Forgot t cover Mordors tainted land at one point.
sad.gif Lost Saurman

Comment: Good harrasment at start, lead you to a strong start and good harrasment thoughout the game, good teamwork such at chanting mavmans units and your at start, rohan left his gate open so you took this oppotunity to attack his base, which was a bad idea, as they only got one farm, and would have been much more effective against mordor mills weaking his eco. Good creeping with Faramir, nearky getting two troll lairs. You managed to lose a set of uruks to troll lair, which would have been usefull vs mordor, keep an eye on the minimap so you avoid these mistakes. Good job going EW when you saw mordor went eye, enableing you to destroy rohan farm. Maia made extra labs but were late and only made 2 per mill, 5 if much more effective, and greatly boost eco. Nice sneak attack mid game destroying his troll cage delaying drummers. Good job combining crossbow men with pikes/uruks for added fire protection, this was useful vs trolls and rohan horses. Good use of formations throughout the game eg. horses in wedge when attack building and hand-2-hand combat, and used block formation for uruks. Good stratergy going faramir, horses, and crossbow men + pikes/uruks enableing you too counter trolls, catapults and horses, and lurtz to pin heros and saurman later for added ls. It was a good idea to not attack mordor and rohan at the middle until rain had recharged, this enabled you to destroy his army and kill Theoden, and then go kill tommaynt and storm.



T4B|StormBlue (Rohan)
and tommynt (Mordor)

Starting Bo:
Pit and 3 mills
2 farms in and 1 out

PP progression:
Draft>Heal>Elven wood>Anduril>Ent Allys
Eye>Tainted land>Industry>Darkness

General Bo:

biggrin.gif Gave extra mill to Mordor.
biggrin.gif Good creeping letting Theoden get creeps.
biggrin.gif Got troll lair before faramir could destroy it.
biggrin.gif Got middle first

sad.gif Lost a set of rohhirm to faramir
sad.gif Built siege works at the side facing maia and mavsman at the middle (Better protected on the side facing you)
sad.gif Didn't arm most off your troll with trees (They are more effective and stronger v units)
sad.gif Lost Theden, Aragorn, Witchking and nazul three times.

Comment: Weak start by being to defensive, such as not peasnt spamming isen, and only got one isen mill. Good stratery going trolls and fast middle with horses and combos, but made siege workshop at the side facing them, this makes is very vunrable to attack, which it was so got destroyed. Got extra labs but only at two mills, which you only made 2 extra at, 5 is much better for eco. Good job getting troll lair befor faramir could get it, but stupidly let faramir kill 2 sets peasnt and a set of rohhirm that lvled him up alot. A bad decision fighting in after maia cast rain lead to storm losing all army and theoden, and most of tommynts army and a nazgul. Good formation use thoughout game, using the correct formations when needed and good teamwork giving each other ls and using troops effectivly.



Overall: A good games played well by both sides, looked like after tommynt got fast middle, him and stormblue would win but a exellant performance by maia, and mavsman, attack middle and mordor base at the same time, divided stormblues and tommynt army, destroying middle and getting tommynts troll cage. Good creeping by mavman gtting a troll lair and some wargs with help from maia, and nearly got a troll lair, but stormblue managed to get it first but then stupidly let faramir kill the rohhirm and peasnts leveling him up to rank 5. Fast rain by maia, enabled mavsman and maia to reclaim middle after they lost it, killing most of their army and Theoden. Good formation use by both sides uses appoprate formations. A major mistake by tommynt and storm was fighting when maia cast rain, you lost all storms army and most of tommantys army and heros, you should have waited till darkness came back.

#34Mavs  Jul 10 2006, 01:05 AM -
ohmy.gif MAIA! I only got one con throughout wiz's entire review and most of the pros. It's all your fault we only got a six tongue.gif

thnx wiz
#35jack079fx  Jul 10 2006, 08:40 AM -
Replays: 19 Game:
lol shut up, it was my isen that won us this game!! laugh.gif

nice review onfire smile.gif
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#36Mavs  Jul 10 2006, 14:18 PM -
Wiz a suggestion to make your reviews even better! For each team have a "team" rating, as usual, and have individual ratings for the players. smile.gif

Then maia and I won't argue who was better tongue.gif
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