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Battle for Middle Earth


#1jack079fx  Jun 5 2006, 19:49 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
ok im not posting this 2 piss beer off im posting it just for the comments on the replay and the review and please please no-one start any flamewars i want this 2 be a gentle and cool topic and not all heated up thanks smile.gif


ok review as soon as possible my fellow reviewers. thanks smile.gif

oh and apparently this game has broken BEER's 15 win streak thats funny tbh lol

oh and beer did say mini map bugged killed this game well i had it in the game before this vs beer and we lost cos of it and we had it AGAIN in this game so it did suck 4 us a bit but but we kept going and hanged in there and we did great! smile.gif
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#2Mavs  Jun 5 2006, 19:52 PM -
maia you forgot we got Gonrodr/rohan and Beer got gondor/gondor

it was a good game imo. they had the stronger army, but maia told me to do something, I did it, and it worked. So we won...^^ gg though to beer although joe is still ranting on about how we are noobs tongue.gif

GG JOE and polyhimnia
#3PayBack  Jun 5 2006, 20:00 PM -
you just played thsi game 5 minutes ago and you have alreday posted the rep tongue.gif
#4Ston3R  Jun 5 2006, 20:28 PM -
and i thought it's nearly impossible to beat beeer in 2vs2....
#5Mavs  Jun 5 2006, 20:38 PM -
apparently not ^^

We played them twice, lost once. The loss was bugged though, as maia had mini-map bug. I don't want to start a flame war again, but before maia really needed his mini-map (riders and theo and stuff) we had 5 or 6 farms and they had 1. We were gondor/rohan they were mordor isen. We also had middle and faramir lvl 5. Plus maia's riders died because of just standing somehwere, since he didn't know when an enemy was close. His mini-map was out. Now tell me, could they still have won if maia wouldn't have had the map bug?? They had nothing much and we had mid plus total map . They say they could have, although I doubt it....

ps: maia lost 3 bats riders and theo twice because they were just stannding somewhere and got slaughtered by trolls...he couldn't see them coming after all...

So all in all stone, they are very good at 2vs2, but noone is unbeatable....
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#6JoOoOE  Jun 5 2006, 20:40 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
1. this wasnt a good game, all side made terrible micro/macro mistakes< cry.gif
2. u only post to piss me off, but w.e. (cuz nobody would post such bad game)
3. Mavs is showing us again that he has no clue about this game, cuz rohan gondor > 2 gondor
about 30 % more leadership, more different units and much more heros!!! But okay!!! nvm, not everyone can be smart!!!

I tried to be nice, i already visit P2B TS and plyed ffg vs MuM, but since today there is no chancegetting peace with P2B

gl hf @ reviewing this game frusty.gif

and again i dont care loosing this game, but Maia why not saying all people here that u guys decided wht we have to plày??
Poly nd me wanted to ply randommirror as normal in cw, but Mavsmn is a 1 army, np so we wanted to pick!!! But they didnt allowed us to pick Mordor/Rohan, np then we wanted to play 1 random 1 pick!!! What then happend is just LOOOL, Poly took Mordor (they said "no mordor"), then he took Isen ( "no isen") !!! They only allowed us to ply Gondor!!! ROFL!!! Never sw something lame like this since i play cw!!!
thum.gif good job P2B

and again Mavsman:
u 100% wouldnt won the first 2vs2!!! I never ply with minimap, and its not minimp fult when he is running in 2 trolls!!! There ws nio chance for u to win this game, another time Mavsman is showing everyone thaat he has no clue how this game is going on!!!
Keep on like this ^^ I always enjoy it tbh
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#7Mavs  Jun 5 2006, 20:55 PM -
Dude joe you talk so much shit I see brown running down the side of your mouth tongue.gif. Your english is really primitive mate, work on it. I already stated my opinion and I don't want to flame in this topic....good night end of story...

but still, dbl gondor not betetr than rohan gondor? that is pathetic...a joke...I think you are the one that doesn't know much about this game... oh and before I forget, this was a good game and we didn't post it to make you mad. Just for your information Joe.

ps: I am not a 1-army noob, I am a 2-army noob...
and we never said you couldn't play rohan/mordor or isen. I liike those matchups...I would never have said you can't play them tbh. We only disliked mordor random.
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#8jack079fx  Jun 5 2006, 21:02 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
OMFG WHEN DID U PICK ISEN and wtf mavs picked gondor and i random and u random and poly mordor? really? if ur mordor u end up with a most definately good op match up and we could get something not so op such as gon isen or gon roh so i thought why not be fair and make THE ODDS FAIR so 2 people go random and 2 people go gondor so its a completely fair game and the match ups odds are fair...

so anyway it was a gg and i talked honestly with soul on bfme that its purely 2 post a good replay..there was a lot of fighting and stuff and it was quiete hectic towards the end when we had 2 break into a fully upgraded gondor base which was a bit lame when gondor camped but we dealt with it and then we took the base and the middle again it was so cool that part cos we had 2 kill poly before middle was avaliable for him and we did it!! smile.gif

the only problem now i have against u now beer is that u still call us dodgers after playing u twice in just a few hours and u know that is quite hard 2 get 2 2v2 cw's vs p2b lol

dude why cant u handle this loss?...if it was a win u would have been fine that u guys had 2 go gondor and stuff..just deal with it just like we dealt with the other game that we lost cos of my mini-map bug problems...i had rohirrim standing in places where i saw on the map was clear and when i go 2 see my rohirrim they are dieing 2 trolls...and im wondering where the hell the trolls came from and also theo running to my mates army a few seconds he is dead how? i dont know...i saw lurtz pop out of nowhere on the map and i died straight when i got out my base thinking the coast was clear then a lurtz pops out of the fucking blue....but na in the end i was cool i said gg mavs said gg quite a few times and he tried 2 explain the situation after u got cocky against a team (which was clearly winning from the sart) with 1 person who had a bugged map...so in the end we was cool we reported without objection ok first i was a bit unhappy but then i said ok it wasnt ur fault we got the bug gg and i reported......then we re.....and we win and now u got all heated up cos we win and u cant handle it DUDE ITS JUST A FUCKING GAME which we all play for some fun and challenge and so on....

mate i just wanted 2 post this rep for the review not for a flamewar!!!!!!!!! can we plz forget it now and concentrate on waiting for the review...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh tbh the BEST PART OF THIS REPLAY was raiding poly's full upgraded gondor base rofl...we just took the risk and thought who cares gogoogogo lol it was funny and we actually pulled it off and took him out..i think that total risky thing we did won us the game tbh..ive learnt something from that....'sometimes to win...you need 2 take risks'
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#9Mavs  Jun 5 2006, 21:06 PM -
yeah...well said
#10jack079fx  Jun 5 2006, 21:16 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
oh joe is on the forum im quite scared of his next post LOL...i really dont want a flamewar and i think my last post has provoked him!
oh shitttt i already feel the heat lol

EDIT: omg now elrond is here i feel this is gonna be like the biggest flamewar between P2B and Beer in the history of bfme lol
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