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Battle for Middle Earth


#21JoOoOE  Jun 6 2006, 13:37 PM -
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but as i said i hve np losing, cuz part of this game sleep.gif
#22Mavs  Jun 6 2006, 14:54 PM -
This game had decent micro I real don't know what you guys mean. Especially where I ambushed ur gandy lol and besides, I almost killed 2 gandies, you healed both, each once. then I ambushed one. It was cool, all with fara and my gandy. It was fun ^^

Oh and maia btw the topic name is a totoal turn-off I bet for reviewers lol
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#23JoOoOE  Jun 6 2006, 15:46 PM -
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as said all 4 players didnt played good

but if u wnt bad review
np for me
#24Mavs  Jun 6 2006, 17:14 PM -
Jooe why are you bitching around everywhere ffs...the only reason you are saying this game was bad is because you got beat....gees
Why can't youjust leave it and let the reviewer see for himself whether it was bad or not.
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#25jack079fx  Jun 7 2006, 10:18 AM -
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im fine if the reviewer gives a bad review all i want from the review is 2 see the mistakes me and mavs made as a team and how we could do better next time...i dont post a replay just because its gold or totally crap...i normally post games 2 see mistakes from review which is probably the main reason why people post here...i think so anyway...i bet all of u wanna post gold reps...i post a good game when i see 1 and 2 get feedback from it...i dont care if u think its bad rep joe and i will get bad review its not why i posted it!!!!!!!!
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#26JoOoOE  Jun 7 2006, 13:23 PM -
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#27jack079fx  Jun 7 2006, 15:22 PM -
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ok cool joe smile.gif ...review when ur ready guys

EDIT: ok its been 5 days...i just wanna know if someone wants 2 tag or claim this replay for a review.
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#28purpose  Jun 12 2006, 16:29 PM -
#29purpose  Jun 12 2006, 17:16 PM -
P2B|Mavsman (Gondor)/P2B|Maia^(Rohan) vs Beer|grandma (Gondor) / Beer|Polyhymnia (Gondor)

Map: Anorien
Patch: 1.03


P2B|Mavsman (Gondor)/ P2B|Maia^(Rohan)

Build Order: 2 Farm in and 2 out / 1BS1Farm in and 2 Farms out
PP: Heal -> EW -> GTW / Draft -> Heal -> EW

Pros and Cons:

thum.gif Proper formations
thum.gif Good creping
thum.gif Killed Faramir and GTW
thum.gif Nice fast ent moot to siege Gondor base.
thum.gif Good move to switch base and attack other Gondor.

sad.gif Left farm spots to long
sad.gif Let them have your external farms for way to long
sad.gif Lost Boromir, Theo and GTW
sad.gif No archers to combine with TGs.

Comments: Well the beginning was very even, but you had a little better start after FAramir and first horses got out. You manage to crep with your Fara, but they couldent thanks to your rohirrim. You lvled up and had the upper hand on Gondor knights. You killed Faramir early and that was a key to you getting all creps, lvl up rohirrim and therefore having no problems to take middle camp and keep it. You surprised them with a fast ent moot after that, and you would have ended this game way sooner if you only had gone for combos instead of alone TGs. You saw there combos when they defended vs ents. TG move to slow in formations so they can hit and run. So its easy for them to take out treebs. With combos for you those treebs would have been decider and it would have been GG. Instead you let them get the time they needed, never got archers and couldent really move forward. Was sloppy with your external farms. But in the end a nice move to the other base secured you the win. Though you felt this was over way to soon and if they hadent been so passive, this could have ended bad for you. The better start and the changing of base won you the game.

Rating: 5/10


Beer|grandma (Gondor) / Beer|Polyhymnia (Gondor)

Build Order: 1BS1Farm in and 2 Farms out / 2 in 2 out.
PP: Heal -> GTW / Heal -> GTW

Pros and Cons:

thum.gif Proper formations
thum.gif Good teamwork to defend vs ents
thum.gif Killed Boromir, Theo and GTW
thum.gif Good constant harassing

sad.gif Lost Faramir and GTW
sad.gif Donít run in wedge formations
sad.gif To carless with Faramir early, that was a big decider.
sad.gif To passive to move on middle when they change base to attack.

Comments: A even start that you suddenly gave away for free. Losing alone Faramir and letting them get all the creeps. You had no Faramir and there rohirrmi was lvl2 and your knights werenít. You couldent touch them and so middle was lost. You dident see the fast ents coming and was caught of guard. Though combos and teamwork saved you and also the fact that fast middle and fast ents, made them not having any other units to help ents out, beside the brothers and a few rohirrim. After that you got the time to build up but should have gone for more combos befor GTW and treebs. You harassed very good and that secured you a decent eco. You actually dident have that smaller army then they thanks to there external farms. In the end you stayed to passive and wasent on the alert when they attacked the other base. Your move on the middle was to late to save you. GG

Rating 4/10


Match Comments: A game that was decided to early. A mix of some sloppy play and a bit of luck secured the early game for P2B. After that it was just a matter of time. P2B could have ended it sooner, but dident take out archers to combine with TGs. That I think would have been GG much sooner. Some nice action but also a few mistakes and bad decisions.

Entertainment value: 5/10

Overall game rating: 5/10
#30Mavs  Jun 14 2006, 12:19 PM -
Thanks smile.gif

You never mentioned my gandy ambush ^^ lol
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