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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] seriously WTF

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id pick a spider over a bee any day smile.gif
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maia be gratefull then
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LMAO, i saved this forum as my homepage, it makes me laugh everytime i read maia's posts LMAO
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TR|SharK| (Gondor) v B2P|HanNiBal^ (Mordor)

Map: Fords of Isen


TR|SharK| (Gondor)
Build Order: 2 Farms + Merry, Farms, Stables, Blacksmiths, Knights, Well, Horse Shields, Faramir, Gandalf, Upgrades, Boromir, Soldier/Archer Combos, Outpost, Trebs
PP: Heal, Elven Allies, Gandalf the White, Eagles

thum.gif Good harassing.
thum.gif Nice siege, minimum losses.
thum.gif Generally good Gandalf micro, except right at the end.

sad.gif Watch the soldier formations at the start.
sad.gif Don't queue up Knights at the stables when the stables is going to be destroyed.
sad.gif Only occasionaly use of Knight formations.

Comments: Not a bad game, soem nice use of heroes and a good strong defence against a fragmented Mordor performance. You took your chances when they arose and your micro was generally good with good target selection.

You didn't wait around when you didn't have to and you kept up the harassment and slowly claimed a lot of map control even though you only mainly had Knights on the field being chased by trolls.

Rating: 6


B2P|HanNiBal^ (Mordor)
Build Order: Pit + Gollum, Mills, Orc spam, Slaughterhouses, 2 Troll Cages, Outposts, Haradrim, Drummer Trolls, Upgrades, Orc/Archer Combos, Mumakil
PP: Eye of Sauron, Tortured Land, Industry, Darkness

thum.gif Extra mill workers.
thum.gif Used mill worker as a spy.
thum.gif Trolls with trees attacking Gandalf on the castle wall.
thum.gif Troops in teh outpost citadel and on board the Mumakil.

sad.gif Poor troll micro.
sad.gif Slow combos.
sad.gif Poor mid-game development and slow to siege.

Comments: Troll micro generally sucked balls. Trolls running in different directions, drummers attacking when they should have been providing leadership. Eye not used when it should have been, targetting troops instead of heroes with the trolls.

When you actually got a siege force together it worked quite well and the castle fell quite easily but you should have got to that point faster. Also an early Nazgul would have completely removed the threat of Knights harassing your half of the map and Gandalf could never have stood still to IL it for fear of being troll gang-banged.

Really, I think you tried to win this game the wrong way and suffered for it. You nearly managed it though but your one main problem was that you never managed to deal with Gandalf.

Rating: 5


Match Comments

It's a very difficult one to call. Mordor just never really gets going and it isn't really obvious what stops them. It looks like it is just poor micro that loses them the edge and Gondor manages to keep a lot of stuff alive and ranked up. In the end Gondor just manages to not die for too long.

Entertainment value: 5

Overall game rating: 5

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#26FelLbEasT'  Sep 29 2006, 18:59 PM -
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