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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] stormblue vs jap|tigerz

#1jack079fx  Aug 19 2006, 19:56 PM -
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hey just posting for my mate stormblue, he say he was nearly going to lose but then he kill gtw a lot and kill base with GC, anyway its seems as tho its a good game and a review for him would be nice, thanks


''noob ----------> uber pro'' words from stormblue hehe wink.gif
#2StormBlue  Aug 19 2006, 20:15 PM -
I try to make entrush but he had gandy at this time. After killing my ents his gandy was white. And my Theoden was only rang 1...

Then he waste his gandy to kill my theo and i get mc back.

I killed his gandy but my theo was still lvl 1 ...

Then my micro starts to change into pro but make your own imagine.

Thx tigerz for this great game
#3LiGhT`  Aug 23 2006, 11:30 AM -
Guess i'll take it smile.gif
#4LiGhT`  Aug 23 2006, 13:02 PM -
B2P|StormBlue (Rohan) v J4P|TIGERZ (Gondor)
Map - Fords of Isengard

B2P|StormBlue (Rohan)

BO- 2 farms in, Merry, 2 farms out
PP Selection- Draft--> Heal--> Elves-->Anduril--> Ents
Strat- Creep with start peasents--> Rohirrim--> Theo--> Ents--> Upgrades--> Rohirrim archers--> Yeoman--> Fire--> Eomer--> Eowyn--> Aragorn--> Horse shields--> Legolas-->Ents

smile.gif Very fast ents
smile.gif Great unit micro
smile.gif Great formation use
smile.gif Level 10 Eowyn, 6 Theo, 6 Eomer

sad.gif Lossed Eomer the second you purchased him
sad.gif Had several chances to finish him earlier - you could of killed him,but ran to heal
sad.gif Didn't use Theoden's "Kings Favour" ability

Comments- There isn't much to say about your start...you got 2 creeps from it and then pumped out your rohirrim, which spread across the map and took another creep and harrassed. Once you got Theoden out, you had the upper hand and started to gain map control, but it would of been betterif you bought 1 more battalion of rohirrim to harrass so he had zero outside econ. You got very fast ents and made the most of them, and got the citadel/stables/well down, but in future times, don't attack gandy with ents, they dont have a chance.Much better ifyou just continued to attack the buildings. You eventually got Eomers and Aragorns ld and Theo's GC, and from then on, not even gandy could of stopped you.

Rating- 6


J4P|TIGERZ (Gondor)

BO- Farm, Blacksmith, Pippin, 2 farms out
PP- Heal--> Gandy white--> Land--> Elves
Strat- Creep with starting soldiers--> 1 knight --> Blades--> GTW--> Heavy armour/banner--> Knights--> Horse shields--> Market--> Faramir

smile.gif Stole creep from peasents
smile.gif Very fast gandy
smile.gif Fery fast grades

sad.gif MAJOR cash floating
sad.gif No units to maintain map control early game
sad.gif Lossed gandy, soyou could kill Theoden
sad.gif No horse shields will mid/late game - his Rohirrim archers were deadly for you
sad.gif Poor hero micro

Comments- You chose the same start as him and creeped with your starting units and got 2 creeps from it and was able to purchase stables at the exact same time. I don't have a clue why you chose to only get 1 knights battalion because this made it extremely hard for you to keep map control, and you was lucky he only purchased 2 rohirrim. You chose to go for a very fast gandalf, which worked out for you initially, but then your micro with him began to fade and you started losing him very easily. Once you lossed him the second time, it was a long time before you regained him and this provided plenty of time for Rohan to prepare for the final assault. I think its best if you checked out the Gondor v Rohan Master Guide made by Soulwings, to check for a new strategy to use in this match up.

Rating- 3

Final Comments

The early game was a stalemate, but once gondor lossed his Gandalf the first time, it gave Rohan the time he needed to make a come back. A great game played by Rohan who had a solid BO, but a not so good game from Gondor. Must watch for any Rohans who struggle in this match up, just to see the kind of BO you need.

Overall Rating- 4
Entertainment- 4

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