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Battle for Middle Earth

[R]maia vs tereus!

#1jack079fx  Aug 14 2006, 13:04 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
wow what 2 say, this game owned tbh..we both used different strats, me not laming mass trolls and him not doing the usual ara rush which almost always fails, anyway this was a really good game, review would be great and all should watch this smile.gif thanks


#2CitRuS  Aug 14 2006, 13:16 PM -
why would you not go mass trolls?
#3Grenness  Aug 14 2006, 13:36 PM -
Replays: 40 Game:
mass combos is better than mass trolls vs my strat. i played 1.02
#4Guardian  Aug 14 2006, 14:05 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
What did you do 1.02 mass horse archers?

#5Grenness  Aug 14 2006, 14:08 PM -
Replays: 40 Game:
theo, gc, horse archers
#6general grievous^  Aug 14 2006, 14:18 PM -
With no regular horses?
#7jack079fx  Aug 14 2006, 14:28 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
ahh yes he had regular horses with eomer eowyn theo level 4 lots of rohirrim archers but the strat i chose to do worked better than doing mass trolls and running around the map chasing them whilst they do hit n run,

at the end it was over even with his whole army and aragorn, i stil pwned everything cos of my combos

also if i didnt go fast combos, i wont have been able to kill his theo the many times that i did which was very helpful to my game
#8shaulin  Aug 14 2006, 14:55 PM -
ill review as my second application,

but your still welcome to an official review.
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#9Grenness  Aug 14 2006, 15:13 PM -
Replays: 40 Game:
ur reviews pwn!!! smile.gif

I made maias strat btw
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#10shaulin  Aug 14 2006, 16:56 PM -
IPB ImageMaia \ MordorIPB Image


IPB ImageGrenness / RohanIPB Image

Map: Fords Of Isen
Patch: 1.03


IPB ImageMaia \ MordorIPB Image

Starting Bo: Pit --> Slaughter House --> 2 mills.
PP progression: Eye~Tainted Land~Industry~Darkness
General BO and Strat: Orcs~Trolls~combos~Drummers~trolls~combos~WK.

smile.gif Scouting
smile.gif Ectra labourers
smile.gif Early creep to help your economy
smile.gif Kept up harrassment throughout game
smile.gif Killed theodon twice and eowyn, eomer, aragorn and gimli
smile.gif Constant industry use
smile.gif Targeted LD heroes in battle
smile.gif Managed to save WK

sad.gif In early game buy your slaughter houses ASAP
sad.gif Lost both mills
sad.gif Completely unguarded top outpost
sad.gif Make sure you arm all your trolls with trees

You played an excellent match in this game and i actually found it difficult to find large faults in your performance, you were doing everything that i would of expected and more. when he had GC and mass horses archers it would of been easy for you to lose MC, but you kept up harrassment by sending 2-3 batts of orcs to his farms, this made sure that he had to constanty fight you for MC and this allowed you to get combos, drumers and WK out.
your macro was very good, as i have already mentioned, you were constantly harrassing him with your orcs all over the map, and i especially liked you managing to save your WK in the last battle.
your early creeping and fast trolls helped you to get half of the creeps which i thought was good considering the speed of Grenness' first cavalry.
you managed to kill his heroes several times and this helped you in large battles.

Rating : 6.5/10


IPB ImageGrenness / RohanIPB Image

Starting Bo: 3 farms in --> 2 farms out.
PP progression: Heal~Elven Allies~Draft~Anduril
General Bo and Strat: Cavalry~Theodon~Horse Archers~Eomer~Eowyn~Fire~Upgrades~heroes

smile.gif Took both mordor mills
smile.gif Killed mordors scout
smile.gif Trampling orcs with heroes to gain experience
smile.gif Good formation use
smile.gif Used GC'd cavalry to trample combos
smile.gif Took MC mid-game
smile.gif Got eomers LD

unsure.gif Debatable Strat

sad.gif Lost a lot of MC to orcs
sad.gif Lost most of your heroes at least once, theodon 2-3 times
sad.gif at your bottom outpost, 3 farms would of helped you out a lot more
sad.gif HS's earlier would of helped trampling combos
sad.gif Destroyed your well for a statue, then ran away from it to fight
sad.gif Didn't use heal in the last battle
sad.gif In the last battle, you had a few Horse Archers spare on the map

This was a different strategy and i must say that i liked it, although i think it needs some practice to pull it off perfectly. Your overall performance in this game was good, this said, you did make a few micro errors, for example running too far towards the enemy sometimes and getting your theodon killed as a consequence, although it is hard to fight combos with mass LD, i'm not sure you should of lost the amount of heroes that you did, if i'm not mistaken you lost Eomer, Eowyn, Aragorn, Gimli, as well as losing Theodon twice.
Early to mid-game seemed to be going well for you, you took both of mordors mills and still managed to take half of the creeps, boosting your eco and giving Theodon GC, this was vital for your strat and you did well to get it. i think you played a bit passive and you could of put a lot more pressure on mordors mills with your cavalry, this could of delayed mordors army and given you some resources and time to get your army up. i think Cloudbreak would of helped you a lot more than anduril and it was because of mordors LD and the amount of LD heroes you lost that you eventually lost to mordors army.

Rating : 4/10


Overall game comments:
This was a very interesting game to watch, with both sides using original strats. it wasn't the same old ara rush to ents and it also wasn't the same old mass trolls with LD game. this made for a very entertaining match up. both sides used a lot of skill in order to counter each others attacks and also to keep themselves in the game.
There was a constant battle for map control with mordor eventually gaining the most of it with great orc use, however not all the map could be taken due to fire archers and horse archers guarding some points of it.
when it came down to it this was really a game decided by who could conjour up the bigger army.

Rating : 6/10
Entertainment Rating: 6/10

Now a ROTW contender

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