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Battle for Middle Earth

[R]maia vs tereus!

#11Grenness  Aug 14 2006, 17:04 PM -
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very good review shau thumb.gif
what about my new guide tbh?
#12Guardian  Aug 14 2006, 17:07 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Shauling is keeping me busy sad.gif
#13jack079fx  Aug 14 2006, 17:17 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
great review shau smile.gif thanks a lot, yeah the strats werent the same old thing and i changed my mordor play using tereus's advice he gave me yesterday, so in this game i tried it to counter what he was doing and it worked nicely for me..was a gg smile.gif

thanks for the review shau smile.gif
#14Guardian  Aug 14 2006, 17:54 PM -
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This is now a rotw contender
#15shaulin  Aug 14 2006, 17:59 PM -
QUOTE(Guardian @ Aug 14 2006, 06:07 PM) *
Shauling is keeping me busy sad.gif


but i'm going camping tomorow sad.gif
so expect my third review thursay/friday.
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#16Musikguy  Aug 14 2006, 18:30 PM -
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Good review but in my opinion the ratings are a bit high for the rohan. he lsot his whole army at end trying to kill WK.
He could have used heal in that last battle and might have won.
I think that last battle was winnable had he used all his units scattered on the map.
Also it would have saved him a bit to keep heros at the back of his army.
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#17jack079fx  Aug 14 2006, 20:20 PM -
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i reckon that my combos were much to OP by that time and ranked up to be taken out by anything really, theo was without a doubt gonna die no matter what and same goes for all the rohirrim arrchers with eowyn and eomer, i reckon aragorn could have been saved, but it was too late i was already 6 from balrog and even if i lost the fight i would rebuild and for sure finish him,

i think the main mistake was not taking enough MC from me and owning my combos early on with GC

oh and making combos of his own would have worked really nice for him!
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#18Krys1er  Aug 15 2006, 18:24 PM -
Replays: 22 Game:

im not really sure what rohan has that beats a rank 10 orc/orcarcher horde with full LD..
#19tommynt  Aug 15 2006, 19:03 PM -
Replays: 23
GC trample? Aragon? Legolas (slowly)? ranked gimli? ALLTOGETHER?

Rohan is the only fraction having no real siege, as siege are counter to combos it allways got problems against
#20jack079fx  Aug 16 2006, 14:17 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
tommy he did GC trample a lot of times, it didnt kill the combos cos of the drummers and especialy with the trolls in the way he did have a problem, theo was just dieing to dam fast to even get a way and the LD was good in order to kill gc'd RA, i think vs mordor a combination of ents and aragorn with gc rohirrim and RA is the answer to destroying mordor and its army at early-mid game
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