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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Maia vs Shauling

#11Guardian  Jul 18 2006, 16:00 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Wise^Maia vs [BT]BabyShau
Matchup: Mordor vs Isen
Map: Fords of Isen
Duartion: 45 minutes

BO: Pit, Tower>Pit>Another pit and slaughterhouses>troll cage>expanded to outposts with furnaces>catas
Strat:3 pit orc spam>trolls>Spam leadership with drummers, archer combos, and cats
PP: Tainted land>eye>Industry>Darkness


smile.gif Gollum harassment and orc harassment
smile.gif Creeping'
smile.gif Troll and cata micro
smile.gif Map control


sad.gif HUGE delay in building orcs from second pit
sad.gif fed too many orcs to his base. It got u darkness but it got him rain

Comments: This was very well played. You had good control of all your orcs scattered around the map. You did lose one mill early but this didn't really hurt you because of your good harassment. What else can i say.... You executed the basic strat in this matchup with good micro of trolls and catas. Well played

Overall: 5

BO: Pit>furns>armory>outpost w/keep, pit and furn
Strat: Uruk spam>zerkers and xbows to deal with orcspam and then trolls>upgrades>saruman
PP: warchant>industry>rain


smile.gif Took a mill down
smile.gif Good use of zerks and good micro of them and xbows as well
smile.gif Sarmuan is a good addition to any army


sad.gif Gave up on the mills by your base mid-late game
sad.gif I think wargs could have helped but i'm not really the expert on mordor vs isen
sad.gif Minor micro things nothing really worth noting

Comments: You played a great game as well. His rating is a high 5 yours is a medium 5 (which is still really good for a matchup like this). You had a good start taking down his top mill and not losing any of your own. Everything was going your way until the trolls came out. You had a chance to attack his base right when he was starting to get some trolls out. I'm not sure why u didn't get blades but i think you could have done some damage here. After that mordor starts to become invincible.

Rating: 5

: This was a well-played and entertaining game. I suggest it for a watch if you've got some free time. They both executed well and had some good micro. It shows that isengard has a very small window of opportunity against mordor.

Game rating: 5
Entertainment: 6

#12Guardian  Jul 18 2006, 16:04 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
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#13Guardian  Jul 18 2006, 16:04 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
I blame gr for going down when i try to type up my review for this triple post...
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