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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] nice mordor mirror

#1jack079fx  Jul 7 2006, 21:44 PM -
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this was a really fun mordor mirror with a good guy smile.gif non stop action and the end was fun for me laugh.gif

i think there is good entertainment value with this rep and i hope u all watch it, review when ur ready guys wink.gif


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#2FelLbEasT'  Jul 8 2006, 00:52 AM -
Ya, lol, non stop acting laugh.gif I have the phone, wait, I have to walk my Zebra laugh.gif!

wub.gif Maia, I am guessing you won this game also.

But I have better things than watching a 144 k mirror.
#3jack079fx  Jul 8 2006, 10:16 AM -
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lol ok i edited it, it now says action laugh.gif

who wants to tag this rep then?
#4FelLbEasT'  Jul 8 2006, 10:46 AM -
Its been here 1 day...
#5jack079fx  Jul 8 2006, 12:51 PM -
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i dont want review now look above i ask, who want to tag it?
#6tomac  Jul 8 2006, 13:14 PM -
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When you tag it you will review it. I think you mean tag it for now and do it when it's the time to review it. tongue.gif
#7jack079fx  Jul 8 2006, 16:17 PM -
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exactly tomac smile.gif so who wants to tag it for now and review it later? smile.gif
#8Daemon  Jul 8 2006, 16:58 PM -
#9Daemon  Jul 8 2006, 22:29 PM -
FRA^ZiDaNe (Mordor) v Wise^Maia (Mordor)

Map: Fords of Isen


FRA^ZiDaNe (Mordor)
Build Order: Pit + Gollum, Mills, Furnaces, Pit x 3, Towers, Nazgul, Witch King, Outpost, Archers, Fire, Banner, Orc/Archer Combos, Troll Cage, Trolls
PP: Eye of Sauron, Tortured Land, Indistry, Darkness

thum.gif Extra mill workers.
thum.gif Good aggression led to the majority of early map control.
thum.gif Nice creeping.
thum.gif Got Tortured Land PP but never used it.

sad.gif Not enough use of Nazgul screech.
sad.gif Should have got archers faster.
sad.gif Some mill workers stood around doing nothing.
sad.gif Allowed all Nazgul to be dead at the same time.

Comments: A nice, aggressive start and it looked very much like you were pressing your opponent back slowly but inevitably with the orc spam and the faster Nazgul but you tended to use Nazgul individually rather than as a team so they tended to get caught out alone.

You could have started to get the archers earlier because once the archers came along the battle was decided quite quickly. archers tend to do that in Mordor mirrors so if you want to get the advantage you should start getting them as quickly as you dare, especially if you get the Nazgul out first.

In the end your problem was that you managed to lose all of your Nazgul and were left completely without any leadership and your opponent took his chance to use that advantage and force you back and finish you off quickly.

Rating: 5


Wise^Maia (Mordor)
Build Order: Pit + Gollum, Mills, Pit, Furnaces, Pit x 2, Towers, Nazgul, Outpost, Haradrim Palace, Haradrim, Nazgul, Witch King, archers, Orc/Archer Combos, Fire, Banner
PP: Eye of Sauron, Tortured Land, Industry, Darkness, Balrog

thum.gif Extra mill workers.
thum.gif Good Nazgul micro.
thum.gif Haradrim garrissined in the Outpost citadel.

sad.gif Should have got archers faster.
sad.gif Not enough screech use.
sad.gif Don't get the Witch King that close to teh front line, his leadership range is quite large.

Comments: Your BO delayed all four of your pits being up and running so that your opponent got his orc spam going first and managed to take a bit more than 50% map control off you. When you got all your pits up and running you managed to maintain your position.

when the Nazgul arrived you managed to pick off the enemy Nazul down due to your opponent's poorer Nazgul micro. As I mentioned above you really should have moved on to archer combos earlier and the game would have finished much sooner.

You did well to take your chance to attaack in full force once you realised that there was no enemy Witch King to provide leadership and use the advantage of your leadership to easily win the battle at the enemy camp. You don't need to keep your Witch King so close to your troops to give them the leadership bonus though.

Rating: 6


Match Comments

Not a particularly thrilling match to watch but it must have been interesting to participate in.

Entertainment value: 4

Overall game rating: 5

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#10Jobbies  Jul 8 2006, 22:37 PM -
Review order? tongue.gif .
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