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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] rohan vs mordor

#1jack079fx  Jun 8 2006, 11:33 AM -
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this was a cool game which i do think i had some good micro in but i will let the reviewers be the judge of that...and there was some nice fights.
anyway watch it and review it when possible guys. smile.gif

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#2RamRaider  Jun 16 2006, 20:07 PM -
#3RamRaider  Jun 23 2006, 20:31 PM -
P2B|Maia^ V LOST||0002

Matchup: Rohan v Mordor
Map: Fords of Isen

P2B|Maia^ (Rohan)

Initial BO: 2 Farms in > 2 Farms out > 2 Farms in > Stables > Well > Fill with Farms
Strat: 1 Peasent north, 1 south, Merry through the middle > Peasant spam > Rohirrim > Aragorn > Theoden > RA > Peoman > Upgrades > Elves
PP Usage: Draft > Heal > Anduril > Elves > Cloudbreak

smile.gif Rohirrim micro was very good, from avoiding orcs to get at haras and avoiding trolls to kill labourers
smile.gif Creeping was very accurate and fast with rohirrim, including stealing a couple of his
smile.gif Excellent harassment throughout the game
smile.gif Good strategic decisions to counter the units he was producing
smile.gif Used GC at appropriate times and when it recharged

mellow.gif You used RA in wedge when attacking units, but when in reciprocated combat (e.g. tower fire) you should put them back in line formation

sad.gif Left gate open early on which allowed a couple of his trolls in to destroy your well and a couple of farms, as well as forcing you to buy expensive battle towers
sad.gif Let Aragorn die a couple of times to trolls, you should’ve used elendil to cancel the LD within the range around him
sad.gif Could’ve got Eomer to earn the extra horse LD

Overall Gameplay: 7

LOST||0002 (Mordor)

Initial BO: Orc Pit + Gollum > 2 SH > Haradrim Palace > Fill with SH > 2 Troll Cages
Strat: 1 Orc south, 1 north, Gollum through the middle > Orc spam > Haradrim > Trolls > Drummers > Nazgul
PP Usage: Tainted Land > Eye of Sauron > Industry > Darkness

smile.gif Used a couple of orcs to protect haradrim
smile.gif Used Trolls with trees against heroes and mass horses
smile.gif Recasted Darkness and used Drummer LD well

mellow.gif Used gollum to spy early on, but rather than leave him standing there you could’ve used him to help defend against the peasent rush

sad.gif Waited too long to use your first PP, I felt the eye would’ve been a better choice as you weren’t really able to take advantage of the land at his farm
sad.gif When you had the eye, you were very slow to use it. The was one battle in particular near the end where you failed to use it completely, this was the difference in the end
sad.gif Didn’t sell buildings before red gifting him PP
sad.gif Poor harassment mid game, you should have at least 1 troll
sad.gif Need orcs to complement the trolls, they would slow down the horses and can be used to heal trolls

Overall Gameplay: 5

A cracking match with 2 highly skilled players duelling it out with lots of action.

The early game was a very even affair, with Mordor defending from the inevitable peasant rush. I think Rohan did okay here, although a couple of extra peasants might have helped you gain a more significant advantage at this point. Due to the relatively small peasant spam, I felt Mordor missed an opportunity to gain an unlikely advantage by sending a couple more orcs to the enemys farms. You should always have at least one orc attacking. It would also have been advisable to have gollum involved more heavily, as he is now quite powerful against peasants.

Rohan won the creeping race with ease after excellent harassment by the rohirrim. Mordor should’ve used the eye more frequently, had haradrim in wedge when not being attacked and kept the orcs slightly closer to the haras to stop the horses and cause further damage. You also could’ve got out a couple of SoRs from the level 2 palace to guard settlements and protect important areas.

A pattern then emerged of Rohan attempting to siege the Mordor castle, with Mordor desperately defending with trolls. You won the first of these because Rohan had very few archers, the second because Aragorn didn’t use elendil, but you lost the third because you never used the eye to give your trolls the edge in battle. I would’ve also orcs to help heal the trolls and generally get in the way of the Rohan forces. But eventually Mordor succumbed to give an impressive Rohan victory.

Entertainment Value: 7

Overall Rating: 6

ROTW Contender
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#4jack079fx  Jun 24 2006, 15:10 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
woa nice review..rotw contender heh wink.gif
dam i didnt know elendil cancels ld within his range sad.gif
was a good game, i reckon more ra's may have helped..
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