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Battle for Middle Earth

Mirkwood Roh-Mor vs Roh-Gon

#1Felixanius  Aug 16 2021, 21:27 PM -

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Tough one, with nice defense and constant pressure. HAs with leadership stronk.
#2gahvin  Aug 16 2021, 21:31 PM -
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Nice game, Dune should know not to try blast when Darkness is used though (even with land). I leave the rest for our new replay reviewer smile.gif
#3LATINO  Aug 17 2021, 10:34 AM -

#4ValsaDoom  Aug 19 2021, 03:37 AM -

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Nice game on Mirkwood.

Sometimes Off-Host=Pain!

Left team:

Karuskas playing Rohan
M3ROWING3R playing Mordor


Fishy playing Rohan
Dunedain playing Gondor

First thing first, and Karuskas start by offering a free mill to his Mordor team mate, making sure this one will not suffer from bad eco.

Minutes later Fishy and Karuskas fought for creeping the goblins, while Karuskas got eye support from M3ROWING3R, Fishy benefits of land for his peasants from Dunedain, being off-host might have not help his case, and the land was wasted.

Since this was Dunedain's land, it looks like he took notice of the off-host challenge, this player knows the keys of Glory are hidden within PP, and aim for those precious points.

Karuskas put his trust onto his team mate for LDS, and went strait Roherrim and Roherrim-archers, his team mate went fast soldiers of rhun.

Fichy on his part started fast with Eomer and manage to do good with the Lord of the Mark reaching level 4++ (important to get at least lvl 3 on patch 1.09 by the way)
Dunedain started with knights in order to get PP asap.

In early game things seemed to go very well for Karuskas who took fast control of the map, in fact all outside farms but one were own by the left team, Dunedain seems not impress and decide to rush the Mordor's base in order to reach his goal, too bad Witch-King got out before it's too late, and the tides were turned, Knights can't do much vs this one, so Dunedain sent his Gandy to help, but this is no ordinary Nazgul, lucky for him Fichy had Eowin ready to make a kill, Gandy finished the job, bye bye WK!

Karuskas had to change tactic, from offensive to defensive, his Mordor mate was too valuable and he manage to make some PP of his own only by killing any heroes approaching the base, Fichy should have been more attentive to Gandy's health, if you have a hard time playing off-host you have to support your team mate, especially if your team mate his called Dunedain, a single heal could have changed the fate of your team.

This brought Karuskas closer to Aod and the minute he had it, he used it on Fishy, soon after Dunedain also got Aod but just few minutes after his team mate was destroyed.

Good game played by high skilled players, not too long and entertaining.
I'd say Mvp would be Dunedain'

Congratulations to Karuskas and M3ROWING3R for their win!
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