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Battle for Middle Earth

Tourney Game vs Thorin+Dune Wold 2

#1Felixanius  Nov 23 2021, 18:54 PM -

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Tourney vs Dune Thorin on Wold, Rohan domination
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 25 2021, 01:22 AM -
Top left NoLdoR/Mordor
Bottom left Karuskas/Rohan


Top right Det.Th0rin`/Gondor
Bottom right Dunedain`/Mordor

Things went pretty much as expected between Det.Th0rin`/Gondor and NoLdoR/Mordor at the very top of the map, but at the bottom between Dunedain`/Mordor and Karuskas/Rohan it was an other story, since peasants beet orcs easily Dunedain` should have built an other orc-pit, but by doing so he would have been late vs his other mirror adversary NoLdoR, it seems he was in some sort of catch22 situation, but never the less, one thing is for sure, making only one orc-pit and SH which are not as strong built as furnaces, resulted in losing the game, at one point it became so easy for Karuskas that he took the liberty of sending peasants up north and attacked Det.Th0rin` while rushing Dunedain`s base...

MVP = Karuskas

Nothing to add
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