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Battle for Middle Earth

Grenness vs Gerrard

#1Grenness  Mar 27 2007, 21:51 PM -
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I had total mc in this game, but Gerrard said 'YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME' and he was actually right post-13661-1143531603.gif no review, just a rating plz


Rating by: Gamroth

Starting positions:
Mordor/Zelda4Ever - West
Isengard/[PLOW]G3rr4rD - East


A very entertaining game, definately worth a watch. The game could easily have gone either way and featured some very nice battles. Isens start left both players with a very poor econ and it was all about unit useage. Isen decided to play it safe and skip the blades+armour rush and progress quickly to xbows and fire to counter the trolls. Armies were very nicely constructed and used well, a game of a high standard considering that this was a tourny game (so the pressure was on). Very entertaining stuff guys, GG.


Ok you played a very nice game, you used your orcs very nicely early on and didnt allow his harrassing uruks put you off. Good creeping using your orcs to good effect again, tbh this game was lost for me when you lost 4 trolls to the 2 xbows. Im not going to drill you about drummers because im sure you know this was your mistake. This gave gerrard a lot off pp towards rain that saved him. Anyway you made a good battle of it with a nice switch to catas to counter his combos and made a very respectable army. In the end his army was more mobile and could resist Balrog far easier.


A nice game on your part, a risky start but it worked well. Mordors econ was hit hard and found it difficult to recover, some good multiple chants and splits to keep his mills down. Make sure you keep popping out a zerk or two to keep MC if he doesnt have a Naz, you did this a few times but could have been more extensive imo. Some good use of xbows to creep and get you towards rain, though i would recommend getting some ballistas out before Saruman, as they would have been far more effective vs his army during the periods without rain. However generally good Saruman use and you timed your attacks well. Certainly late game consider getting wargs and/or ballistas to properly counter his catas as your econ would easily have supported this. In the end very nice unit useage to make life difficult for his Balrog and enable you to finish his base. GJ and WP.

Rotwc and Silver
Overall Rating: 7
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#2Gerrard  Mar 27 2007, 21:56 PM -
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gg, cant wait for the 2nd smile.gif
#3DunedainStriker  Mar 27 2007, 22:05 PM -
rofl. You will not take me. Epic.
#4Ang3lic  Mar 28 2007, 00:45 AM -

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LoL @ that. Gl to the both of you in the second game.
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#5Jiho  Mar 28 2007, 07:32 AM -
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nice game
#6Axcell  Mar 28 2007, 08:50 AM -
After a while Grennes must have been guessing whether it was raining or not.

Nice game, you kept eachother pretty long in early game.
#7THUGZ  Mar 28 2007, 12:40 PM -
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Well played guys, im looking forward to seeing the 2nd game.
#8Sage  Mar 28 2007, 14:05 PM -
Gerrard also told me that in a few of our games. I ended up taking him sad.gif
#9StuntedAzrael  Mar 28 2007, 14:19 PM -
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QUOTE(Axcell @ Mar 28 2007, 09:50 AM) *

After a while Grennes must have been guessing whether it was raining or not.

Nice game, you kept eachother pretty long in early game.

I also cannot tell whether rain is active or not. Stealth activation! smile.gif I can always clearly hear casting of darkness but rain... Maybe that sound of thunder could be an indication??
#10Grenness  Mar 28 2007, 14:21 PM -
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both rain and darkness last for 3 min

Darkness recharges in 6,5 min and rain recharges in 5 min.

That is fucked imo
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