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Battle for Middle Earth

Isen vs Gondor

#1gahvin  Feb 26 2022, 21:02 PM -
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Me vs Dunedain, first 1v1 in a while for both of us. Just trying to collect some MVPs tbh.
#2ValsaDoom  Feb 27 2022, 14:19 PM -
I started watching this replay yesterday, and after a good night sleep I just watched the ending.

Wow! Complete domination from gahvin (Isengard) on ABDe (Gondor), I'm sure Dunedain would like to revisit this game.

The game was won the minute ABDe did not achieve his goal when he got own on his own Land(the first one on Top right mill spot) after killing all his soldiers gahvin bought a Slaughter-House (more resistant and no need for laborers to produce cash)

From that point gahvin had his Uruk-pit working non-stop, minutes later pikes were on duty everywhere and with a surprise strategy, by building fast siege-works he was already ramming into ABDe's castle's front doors, this situation was very difficult for the Gondor player, unable to properly play offensively he had to focus on defending his domain, while gahvin was doing nothing but improvement on his.

Then I fall asleep, not because of lack of entertainment, but because I'm too old! So I pressed pause. (hope the next generation of reviewers will rise soon enough!)

So anyway, this is now and after a first coffee, I am continuing this replay, thx to gahvin for sharing btw!

What a surprise when I notice this very impressive army gahvin had built on the left outpost, while Dunedain had only few Knights and Gandy to counter, I must've had lost few great moments in the process, sorry about that, but the game was going one way from the start till the end anyway, to a point I was wondering if Dunedain was doing gahvin a favor, but his behavior was proof he was not, since he built a Market Place, why having the trouble of doing that if you have no intention on trying to win the game? It makes no doubts in my mind, Ladies and Gentlemen, gahvin his about to win this game vs one of the best if not the best Gondor player of our time, what troubles me, is how easy he does it.

I strongly recommend all to watch this replay, Isengard strategy at it's best!

Congrats to gahvin for his Victory!

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