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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Major Championship ALM vs CB For Valsa

#1LATINO  Nov 2 2021, 00:02 AM -

For Valsa!

#2gahvin  Nov 2 2021, 13:06 PM -
Replays: 23 Game:
very nice game smile.gif
#3ValsaDoom  Nov 4 2021, 03:34 AM -
Top left, Karuskas playing Gondor
Bottom left, Th0rin` playing Mordor


Top right, SHIBA_INU aka(LATINO) playing Isengard
Bottom right, x6tence|GB2 playing Mordor

It is not how many buildings you can save but how much more you can destroy, and so all 4 players were in a race on who will do more damages.

LATINO when furns but get an outside SH instead of a mil and then raised a tower as close as his base permit it, both Mordor get 3 outside mils and nothing but an orc-pit inside each base, Karuskas had a farm (sounds like the name of a song)

x6tence|GB2 took a mil down, then LATINO took the other 2, making Th0rin` with almost nothing left, except for a SH next to x6tence|GB2. Karuskas took LATINO's mil + 1 from x6tence|GB2 but both players had already furns or SH inside their bases, so nothing to worry for now.

Once both Mordor took out the wild wargs in their turf, Karuskas had knights coming out on the field and ready to creep cave troll's caves before Lurtz could do it, too late Lurtz, no rush to hired him now! But pikes were called for duty ASAP. Only problem is that Karuskas is a master micro manager when it comes to handle horses, so LATINO had to do more then walking pikes to save his mils as well of his partner's, so since Th0rin` had a bad eco why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone, by rushing Th0rin`'s base, LATINO took out 2 of his SH and brought Karuskas attention over there and far from his own territory, giving him time to strategically place his pikes.

x6tence|GB2 was getting Troll cage, while Th0rin` had only 2 SH and 2 orc-pits, so everything rests on the shoulders of Karuskas's hands for now, and this one made sure his team-mate could trust him until he could get back on his feet.

Once LATINO had all ups he decided to get Lurtz, while Karuskas was making up for Th0rin`, and Karuskas proved to be worth double his weight by sending his Knights all over the place, taking down x6tence|GB2's troll cage in the process, at this point with so much success with horses from his team-mate, might as well save all to get the WK, and pray that spamming orcs will be enough to distract the enemy until a real army rise from that Mordor base.

And so the WK arrived, troll cage was already built and trolls were ordered, and just like that, Th0rin` was back in action, bashing pikes-combos. LATINO had to think fast and split up his army half in his camp and half in x6tence|GB2, this one was in desperate need of anti-air strike or else those trolls of his would be bird food for the WK. LATINO's army suffered a big deal but fractions of most combos survived. Karuskas had the wind in his hair and everything was running smoothly when his GTG came out from the citadel. Healing his team mate's WK was a luxury Karuskas tough he could afford, now that his GTG was turned white. As a consolation for their team, x6tence|GB2 had Drummers ready for battle. And before those Drummers could cross over to LATINO's base, Karuskas decided to rush Isengard supported by that WK he just saved minutes ago, but Lurtz screwed up his plan by using Cripple now who's gona heal your GTW? It takes one false move in a perfect play to mess up an entire game...

Now that Th0rin` was spamming trolls and with fresh Drummers from the cage, Karuskas had to elaborate his strategy, Knights and GTW alone will not suffice, especially when x6tence|GB2 is about to bring NAZ and WK to the battle, so combos were the best option, and since Th0rin`'s eco was finally doing fine, the Mordor player built a Mordor great siege works, catapults were on the way.

Karuskas had Faramir and Boromir in addition to the combos, while his Knights were still harassing the enemy non-stop, and the second GTW was ready, Th0rin`'s army of trolls reunited with Karuskas's army, supported by catas and the WK, LATINO's base was their target. But LATINO was doubly ready, half his army in his base and the rest still in x6tence|GB2's base. Is that so? Well who cares, Karuskas will play both fronts! His knights took on x6tence|GB2's base and the world war was officially declared.

Maybe Karuskas had too big a bite, his combos fled in catastrophe from x6tence|GB2's trolls at LATINO's base when the rain started to fall, and he lost 1 knights level 10 at the Mordor base.

Maybe a lost of focus occurred right then in the left team side, since Th0rin` lost 1 runaway troll and 1 Naz for no reason.

Then x6tence|GB2 bought the middle camp, but the camp got destroyed while still under
construction, this time no more fancy moves from Karuskas, all his army and Th0rin`'s was fighting as One! Even Experts have a hard time splitting their forces all the while having success, but LATINO didn't gave up that strategy yet.

Time for an other confrontation the left team was moving forward after destroying that camp, and so Th0rin` put his land, covered by x6tence|GB2, covered by Karuskas, covered lastly by LATINO. Most was lost including Saruman, Lurtz form one side and GTW from the other, but fractions from units of both sides remained and were sent in their respective bases to heal.

Now it was Karuskas turn to get the middle camp, wells and status were built all over it, but to access your own camp, you need to go thru the back door each time, and with catas that seems to be unable to find the bull's eye when targeting Isengard's combos, this camp was doomed from the start. GTW died protecting it, and so the WK.

LATINO and x6tence|GB2 kept going forward and when Th0rin` was only 1 and half PP from having the ROG, LATINO got his out on the field but he saved his services for making a do-over at Karuskas's castle, the right team uses their walking units to finish the job at Th0rin`'s base, good night Th0rin`!

1 second later Karuskas summoned the AOD in vain, Th0rin` was already out...

With a castle 80% destroyed and no more army but a 1 set of knights and a GTW, facing LATINO's second half army, the one left behind who was out of reach of Karuskas's AOD and still very impressive with high ranks combos, there was no point continuing this and so Karuskas pulled the plug and went to bed.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo in this replay is SHIBA_INU aka(LATINO)

Congratulations to LATINO and x6tence|GB2 for their Victory!
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