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Battle for Middle Earth

Fiesta in Forest of Fangorn

#1Dunedain`  Nov 6 2021, 21:59 PM -

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#2ValsaDoom  Nov 7 2021, 03:43 AM -
Top left Karuskas playing Isengard
Bottom left ShowMaKeR playing Rohan


Top right x6tence|GB playing isengard
Bottom right ABDe playing Gondor

The right team had some kind of ordinary start compared to the left team players, W/C had a better timing from Karuskas, which helped them had better success in destroying the enemy's farms and mils, resulting in much better eco, until both Lurtz meet at the top mid cave troll spot, Karuskas hide his Lurtz then Showmaker sent some Roherrims, but ABDe had the last word went putting Land for his Knights, Showmaker tough he had to withdraw his Roherrims unaware his team-mate had a Lurtz hidden in the tower, a little early to go to bed but Good night Lurtz! Karuska had to spend 600$ to start scratch. Then Showmaker aim for x6tence|GB's uruk pit, in order to assure him success Karuskas waist W/C on his Roherrims, but against all odds Showmaker decided to make an illegal U-turn and sent his units at the closes Donuts shop.

Karuskas eco was doing great and so he decided to get armory he already had pikes everywhere and combos waiting in his backyard x6tence|GB was late and short on cash but decided to go Saruman before ups. ABDe had to do something to make things even and rushed Karusakas camp, destroyed few furns and escaped with a hit and run, not happy with the result he did the same at Karuskas's outpost and gather the 2 PP he needed to get GTW, still short of few bucks the wizard should be back right after these messages.

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Just when we expected GTW, Pippin showed-up, what is this... some kind of joke? Ha Ha Ha... no time to laugh Karuskas was heading strait for x6tence|GB's base with an impressive army, Showmaker assisted him, x6tence|GB got in crisis management mode. He had to buy the right outpost in case if the worst should happened.

But ABDe had a plan, first he summoned the elves x6tence|GB's army returned to his base and W/C was cast, then ABDe put Land under Karuskas army, this one had to fall back, except for Showmaker's Roherrims, these were free to make a mess in x6tence|GB's base giving him the PP he needed to have a Land of his own, next thing we know the Land was now in favor of the left team players, so Karuskas was going forward again and it was x6tence|GB's turn to back-off.

Yes Karuskas's army took the citadel down and his Lurtz pinned down Saruman, but ABDe was laughing, his team-mate took the hit and lost his Saruman but his GTW was here and nothing could bring him down now.

Karuskas lost all he had, now ABDe felt it was time to get the middle camp, and first thing he did there was statue and well.

Showmaker felt his team had a lack of lds and so he called Aragorn for duty, then as soon as his Saruman was back and his army ready for action Karuskas took the same path he did earlier and tried his luck again against x6tence|GB's base with Rain ready and plenty lds around he had high expectation for this second expedition, but trebs from ABDe were wating for him their, and for some reason he did not use Rain, and few times later x6tence|GB had the 1 PP missing for his, and without delay he caste Rain and then Karuskas find himself in a bad situation again, then with Saruman and Lurtz gone, x6tence|GB decided to do some retaliations vs Karuskas before he gets his 2 heroes back. Not fast enough Lurtz was already out, all four players were focus on that spot right infront of Karuskas's base, and units were killing one an other resulting in a huge carnage, many heroes fell, including GTW by Aragorn, well done Gahvin! But will that be enough? Why not do the same for that Saruman, and so Showmaker sent his Aragorn at x6tence|GB's Saruman pursuit, don't be fooled by the old wizard look, this one can run just as fast as any, better chance next time Aragorn!

With half a PP from AOD, ABDe had not much to do to turn the tides around. Sorry Teo, but it looks like there is a target design on your back and the Eagles of ABDe are crazy attracted to it, Good night Teo! ABDe has the AOD now! By destroying most of Karuskas's army including Saruman, it gave the Isengard players the PP he desperately needed but it is never a good thing when your forced to bring the Rog next to your base, and Showmaker decided that this was enough, time to go to bed, Karuskas had to do the same.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP in this replay is ABDe aka Dunedain!

Congratulations to x6tence|GB and ABDe for their Victory!
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