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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Major Championship Finals [5th]

#1Dunedain`  Nov 19 2021, 21:39 PM -

Replays: 275 Game:
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 20 2021, 13:53 PM -
Top left Rohan/akselus
Bottom left Gondor/Yoshi


Top right Gondor/Fishy
Bottom right Isengard/Dunedain`

Both Gondors had similar game plans, but Yoshi played a little more offensively since Fishy had to help his Isengard team-mate who chose to defend his mill instead of attacking Yoshi's farm, Land was put there from Yoshi, which gave some headaches to the right team players, Fishy opted for Heal and divided his forces in two, he manage to saved both his soldiers and leveled them up in the process, the way Fishy manage to stop the left team players from making gains, early in this game was the key to all the success his team would get from that point, like the butterfly effect.

Even under the presser of Yoshi's excellent skills to attack and push forward non-stop, Dunedain` was able to bread and managed to keep going with a decent eco, thx to Fishy's help, which gave him the opportunity to call Lurtz for duty early enough in the game to have him creep cave trolls.

For his part Yoshi was first to built stable, but Fishy was not far behind and soon both players had Knights harassing each-others while akselus was going with RA supported by Teo.

Having a safe place to heal and give Isengard's units a place to rest and prepare for battle in-between rounds is a great advantage, and Fishy bought the middle camp minutes after his Gandy was called for duty, later on Yoshi had his Gandy ready for action too, and akselus manage to get his RA fire and upgrades but that would be not enough, the left team-players had to come with more power and so Yoshi decided to spam trebuchets while akselus got Aragorn called for duty.

Well prepared and ready to face the storm, Dunedain` hoped he could get Rain to change the wind in their favor, but against so many trebs Land would be the key tool for the outcomes of this war, and so Rain could wait, Dunedain` picked Land and covered Yoshi's.

Yoshi's Gandy got pinned and had to go before his bedtime, trebs were sent to the scrap yard, and little could do akselus under such power.

Having the luxury of bombarding your enemy says a lot about the outcome of the match.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

Hard to say who played better, obviously the right team players, but which one!

I'd say one player imo gave his partner the chance to look so great and shine so much in this replay so I chose:

MVP imo was Fishy
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