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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 The Last Dance Tourney EMP vs DET G2

#1LATINO  Nov 21 2021, 21:52 PM -

G2 of our group games

Emperors vs Detectives

Genghis Khan : LATINO
Darknight : Mehmet_the_C
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#2ValsaDoom  Nov 23 2021, 01:59 AM -
Top left Gondor/Th0rin`
Bottom left Mordor/Dunedain`


Top right Mordor/Mehmet_the_C
Bottom right Isengard/Genghis Khan (aka LATINO)

Back to old habits, LATINO sent his uruks upfront in search of a mill to destroy, he made furns then pit then warg-pit, and got wargs 1 second before Th0rin` destroyed it. Then get Lurtz, middle camp, Saruman, upgrades, pikes were called for duty at the very end of the game, how unusual right.

Mehmet_the_C made 1 orc pit, and played very smart he let Th0rin` have his front mill's spot and waited and waited, until he had enough orcs to retaliate, then and only then he used his eye while Dunedain`'s eye was running out of time, and with 4 or 5 sets of orcs, he owned the soldiers of Gondor easily, then creep the wild wargs, made SH, troll cage and fast Naz, nothing fancy needed, since you have LATINO playing Isengard as partner.

Th0rin` had knights and since the Isengard dude had a Lurtz to counter the Naz Th0rin` called Faramir for duty, but that bully Lurtz completely destroyed him at first sight, maybe that money would have been better invested in Gandy, or archers and Trebs, there is no shame in spamming Trebs vs Mordor combine with Isengard, but I'm no expert, all I can say is that Faramir turned out to be not good strat.

Dunedain` made 2 orc-pits, you never have too many of those vs Isengard, except when Isengard goes wargs, in which case orcs could become nothing more then dog food, but Th0rin` manage to take the warg-pit down, so more orc-pits might not be such a bad idea, anyways Dunedain` decided to go fast naz, in order to take down some wargs, but there was only 1 of those...

It looks to me like the left team counter answers vs the right team turn out to be wrong, it's like the rock, paper, scissors game, you see the other guy bringing a rock and you throw scissors, AUNNNNN! "red buzzer"

Lose with Honor, win with Glory

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