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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 QM fiesta 1.09

#1x6tenceGB2  Jan 2 2022, 22:47 PM -
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For Valsa
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 3 2022, 04:47 AM -
Right side, PvtCowboy playing Gondor
Top, x6tence|GB2 playing Rohan


Bottom, Morl playing Isengard
Right side, mal playing Gondor

PvtCowboy sent his soldiers to take down a slaughter house in front of Morl's base, W/c could not saved it, especially when Land was put down at the right spot, Morl asked for his team mate to cover, even tough he did in a haste, it was already too late and the slaughter house was gone with the Uruks who died protecting it in vain. x6tence|GB2 was also fast to bring war in enemy territory, by spamming peasants, it did cost him but slowed down the enemy even more. Then while PvtCowboy started making Knights, x6tence|GB2 was making horses of his own, and started spamming Roherrims. Morl and mal had enough of these harassing units and both went with Heroes, Lurtz and Faramir were called for duty.

PvtCowboy had a taste of what Lurtz can do when he's pissed and lost 1 set of knights
within seconds. x6tence|GB2 strategy was to make units first and take control of the map, heroes and Lds can wait, but in this replay none were taking a break in this non-stop action game.

The game was just started and already Morl had Ballistas knocking down the walls of PvtCowboy, this one had a huge bank account and GTG was bought, but can one man alone stopped the powerful army of Isengard? PvtCowboy placed a beacon to warned his ally, x6tence|GB2 answer his team-mate call and sent all he had close by, meaning 1 set of peasants, this may sounds silly, but these little fellows made a diversion and gave few precious seconds to his team to properly counter. Borromir was sent right after them, he also was on a suicidal mission, the goal was to give PvtCowboy the half PP he needed to change his GTG in GTW, and succeeded, Good night Borromir, this was a nap well earned. Then Gandy puts Lurtz to bed at his turn in sign of retaliation.

Lurtz is dead, but he will be revived for cheap dollars, Morl did not care and more Ballistas were sent to the front, PvtCowboy had to face his biggest challenge yet and the best answer was to make Trebs, but what was x6tence|GB2 doing? It looked like he was praying, but don't be fooled by appearances, this one had Armory done, then delete then Archery done then fire, he was cooking and followed his recipe like a monk, something for the gods might come out of there very soon.

While the trebs were on back order PvtCowboy had to try the impossible to bring Morl attention else where, then things went south, not only he lost his Gtw, but he also lost his citadel and most of his castle with it, then came the cavalry like in some Hollywood blockbuster, x6tence|GB2 finally came to the rescue

Most of PvtCowboy's walls were brought down, and it was raining in the castle, x6tence|GB2 had his King to support the troops there, but the place was in ruin, no place for a king and Teo left with all his army, Rain was ready again, just has Saruman joined the fight, mal had GTW and Knights to make sure this mission would not failed, and just when they were about to rush the castle, out of nowhere x6tence|GB2 had his troops attaking Morl's base, PvtCowboy summoned the Roherrims in support, and all of a sudden what was suppose to be an offensive mission for mal and Morl became a defensive one, what mattered is they managed to push back the invaders, now back to where the main event should happens, more and more ballistas, supported by multiple combos, Morl was on the path for Glory.

Teo still at level 1 this far off into the game, x6tence|GB2 asked for more statues in order to level up his king faster, and this was perhaps the best move of this epic game, no time to argue PvtCowboy gave his majesty what he requires. Then one of the most epic fights ever, this is the part of the game you don't want to miss, while Rain is not back yet, x6tence|GB2 took a chance to place Land first then sent his troops into combos and Ballistas along side with PvtCowboy's GTW, but Morl covered then PvtCowboy covered over and finally mal had the last Land, Pvt's Gandy was first to fall then Eomer, then the citadel, Saruman who was hiding behind it was next to fall to the Roherrims and just like that Teo got level 4 and manage to do GC before going to bed at his turn, x6's Roherrims managed to clean up most of the place, and when mal decided to call back his GTW, Pvt's had all the PP for Eagles and it was good night Gandy!

mal decided to surve the same remedy to Pvt, and sent the Eagles at his turn to destroy his fresh rebuilt citadel, but x6's Roherrims were ready to defend again and it looked like duck hunting season!

Morl was ready to finish the job, Pvt's castle was left alone, without walls this could be the end, x6 decided to bet on diversion instead of camping in his poor team-mate's shack, he sent all he had plus summoned the Ents at mal's castle, and suceeded! Good night mal! But his team mate was facing the same faith, good thing x6 had split-up his troop in 2, most part was already at Pvt's castle in ruin just when Pvt's Gandy got out of the citadel, pushing back Isengard was almost a success if not for that big fat Rog, thx to Morl, Gandy got whipped back to bed and the castle was brought down, but Pvt had 2 more outposts, Morl gave up, can't say he did not tried.

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

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#3gahvin  Jan 3 2022, 15:10 PM -
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Wow, just watched this. Not bad for Morl and mal in their first QM match on a map they probably never play in. Nice defense of cowboys base! Sometimes you need to cut your losses and switch to Rohan castle to avoid those nasty wall trebs.
#4LATINO  Jan 3 2022, 15:12 PM -

wow nice game

wp Morl & mal
#5Beterwel  Jan 3 2022, 15:15 PM -
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cool game frens!
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