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Battle for Middle Earth

Not too bad

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Top left Fishy playing Mordor
Bottom left Dunedain` playing Rohan


Top right Karuskas playing Isengard
Bottom right Blessd (aka LATINO) playing Mordor

Fishy asked for an extra mill right next to Dunedain`'s castle, then when Dunedain` needed eye for his peasants, it was hard for Fishy to say NO, so peasants had eye against the orcs of LATINO, but the aim was not so good, since Fishy placed the eye close to the SH thinking this was the final destination for his team-mate's peasants, but confused between 2 eyes Dunedain`'s efforts only resulted in leveling-up LATINO's orcs, these orcs were right were they should have (meaning under their own eye influence) too bad Fishy wasted his eye on nothing, he could have used it on his own orcs fighting uruks close to his base... so this is how this game started.

LATINO was the first to get an extra PP and got LAND asap, Fishy did the same not long after him at the very second he had the extra PP, while Dunedain` just had his first Roherrims out.

Facing Isengard Fishy opted for 3 orc-pits and furnaces, furns are stronger built then SH and this choice can make the difference vs uruks's rushes, LATINO had 2 orc-pits + 1 haradrim palace and slaughter houses.

Soldiers of Rhuns got out just in time to counter the Roherrims raiding LATINO's base but right now while these flee the place, Fishy's Nazgul take over to hurt LATINO at his turn, orc-pits spam orcs for free, compare to haradrim palace that produce units at high price, resulting in making LATINO's eco much behind, this one at to pick Devastation in order to catch up a little, and with this tool he manged to get the WK, but soon Fishy will have the WK too, and right now he and Dunedain` are targeting Karuskas's base.

Fishy was doing so great with is Naz getting PP like a kid gets sand on the beach, he was first to get Darkness. LATINO stepped on the gas and had his WK work like crazy, in order to push back the treat at his team-mate's base, feeding on Roherrims, elves and orcs.

Then it was time for an other rush on LATINO's base, Roherrims where sent with Naz and WK and Fishy's Darkness, no real success there, and it was Karuskas's turn to get Rain this time, then seconds later LATINO had Darkness as well.

For the first time of this game, the right side team was on march toward the west, and Karuskas's combos led the charge, these had no blades, brezerkers were sent to the job, combined with pikes, in order to harass the enemy and get more mills.

While Karuskas was making some gains up North, both players of the left team went for some retaliation down south at LATINO's base, but failed since RAIN was still active. Some spared combos where sent at LATINO's base, Karukas was taking things under control, and decided to take Fishy's base head-on after getting the top outpost for himself, but it turned out to be a little too much.

At this point in this game, it is getting very hard to follow every one's moves, since these players have such a high level of skills they are everywhere at once, and right now not only lots of action happens up North but also down South Dunedain`'s Roherrims are everywhere and Karuskas's combos too, and as for the Mordor players, they have WK and Naz spread all over the map + orcs by the hundreds.

After the failed rush at Fishy's base, the base of LATINO got rushed over and over and Fishy just got some drummer trolls to assist his orc-combos in order the retaliate vs Karuskas, the Isengard player had Rain ready just in time to force him withdraw, and Karuskas was able to hold on to the top outpost.

Dunedain was rushing LATINO's base none stop since he first had Roherrims, but having Teo to support them took very long, he had no other heroes yet on the field except Eowyn she proved to be worthy vs Naz, but of no use giving leadership to the units, Dunedain just lost his Teo level 1 and to support his archers he decide to call Legolas for duty, sweet dreams Teo!

Now Saruman was called for duty, and Karuskas starts having trouble stopping Fishy from gaining ground on him, he lost the top outpost and keep Lurtz level 4 and some units to slow the Mordor player down, but Saruman and the rest of the army were sent South, were things were getting out of hands, Dunedain with so little heroes at work managed to keep LATINO right where he wants him, the bottom outpost is the key to his success, always able to regain strength at the well and back for action, attack after attack non-stop, and now the Ents!

So eager of getting rid of this bully Rohan player harassing his team-mate, Karuskas lost his Lurtz to Fishy, but Saruman manage to get the job done at the bottom outpost, and for the first time in this game Dunedain was playing defensively back at his castle, he had to come back with a new strategy. Fishy was finally knocking at Karuskas's door with his army, but these guys prepared for the worst and get ready to counter every time, and so LATINO had trebs ready to support his team-mate.

Surprised by that sudden reverse turn of events, Fishy who was about to invade Isengard, made a 180 degree turn back to his base and then 90 degree south in order to help his team-mate who found himself in trouble and out of Ideas for the first time.

Then perhaps the greatest battle yet happened at Dunedain's front doors, and Karuskas lost his Saruman, but the lost of the wizard is always a gain in PP and seconds later he had the Rog, and with no hesitation the Rog was called for duty and Dunedain felt the full wrath of it. With only 1 farm left in his castle Dunedain managed to survive, but most of all he now has the AOD, and used it on the Rog but the Rog was already done, now Rohan has to rebuilt fast, good thing Fishy had something useful to help, he too now has the Rog, and he summoned the beast on Karuskas's front doors, his 2 Naz and the WK were sent to finish what's left of the base, but then Saruman and some combos were back home to chase off the enemy.

Now it was LATINO's turn to have a moment of glory, and he sent all he had, 1 troll and some orcs to destroy Dunedain entire castle, the troll did quite good, since Fishy's birds were busy else where, and so after the wall had fall and the citadel too, LATINO finally had the PP he needed to call the Rog for duty and with his Naz and the WK joined by his fellow Karusakas's Rog they invited themselves inside Dunedain's house, Fishy got a little too late for the party and it was time to go to bed.

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

MVP is Karuskas

Congratulations to the victors
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