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Battle for Middle Earth

Toon2 vs LOME

#1|Lome|Kriwi  May 16 2005, 16:54 PM -
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nice game

little one sided though

shows a bug too

if one player leaves, and the one remaining researches stonework-upgrades both bases get upgrades

so we had to face a rohan base with lasertowers :-(

but didnt make much difference

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#2Havoc.  May 16 2005, 17:45 PM -
me reviewing biggrin.gif
#3Havoc.  May 16 2005, 18:33 PM -
Havoc Review

Overall Game:
Good game, some good movement however i found some minor mistakes, some new looking BO etc intersting game to watch.

Team1 (aka TooN)

gondor and rohan against mordor and rohan, it seemed like a uphill battle imo. However you maybe stood a chance of gaining map off them, and taking mordor out eary. This isnt how it went tho sad.gif. I found that the rohans build order seemed a bit messed up much like his mirco at time imo. The gondor quit at a random point all i have 2 say is:S WTF.gif lol.

Pros/Cons + tips
It seemd that you wanted to go for heros 2 help gondor, but that just didnt work out, and really was the main downfall. Imo you should haev harrassed more on the mordor, this would have helped alot more + with having hobbit and pesants you could have maybe took some map control forcing maybe some towers up etc. However i recomend different team combo try using mordor as well unless you are the top gondor and rohan players you will struggle 2 much against a skilled mordor.

Team 2 (aka LOME)

Interesting BO from the rohan, getting a well stables and a archer range, isnt seen often, you were combining them both, and managed to keep up your army etc. You played well doing this. And some great mirco - the problem with the troll (lets not go into it tongue.gif) frusty.gif Good play from the mordor you had pritty much a easy good clean game gj thumb.gif

Pros/Cons + tips
Good play overall, more attacking at start maybe would have helped, but overal good work, and well played, not really much more to say about it on this part, oh and one more comment trolls watch it next time frusty.gif

Some minor mistakes, nothing major on LOMEs side anyway,Some major mistakes by toon tbh, and with some improvement late on however 2 late to make a comback sad.gif. Just scrapped silver, with the good play from LOME tbh, however wasnt perfect and just about got a silver, keep pushing for that gold tho biggrin.gif thum.gif

#4cacadoo  Nov 14 2005, 20:15 PM -
hehe.. just wanted to say that that mordor guy (|LOME|Kriwi) was me...

and that rohan noob was osarie tongue.gif

just in case you didn't know whistling.gif

funny thing is: i didn't want it reviewed bc i only posted it for an AR tongue.gif

when i post replays that i think that are good i mostly get a 3 for the game biggrin.gif

i should only post replays that i think they are bad ^^
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#5Ranger  Nov 15 2005, 09:25 AM -

and way to bump tbh wacko.gif
#6cacadoo  Nov 24 2005, 12:40 PM -
well.. my only promoted replay must get some attention ;-)
#7OnFiRe  Dec 31 2005, 00:07 AM -
Replays: 14 Game:
omfg i dint relise this was here wow 2 silver replays 4 me w00t
#8-ThundeR  Jan 2 2006, 11:38 AM -
hi TooN|2|Vodkil
#9OnFiRe  Jan 4 2006, 21:19 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
wrong! Wizard tbh
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