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Battle for Middle Earth

Nice 4v4 action on Rammas

#1ValsaDoom  Feb 8 2022, 04:50 AM -
Top right ABDe (aka Dunedain)playing Gondor
Mid right CROAT playing Isengard
Bottom right gahvin playing Rohan
Bottom middle Finwe playing Rohan


Bottom left Bwel playing Isengard
Mid left Yoshi playing Isengard
Top left _.09_CEO (aka LATINO)
Top middle jacobus playing Isengard

So much action every where, Bwel sent some Uruks and Zerks in early game at Finwe's camp and killed his momentum, LATINO and Yoshi, both Rohan played pretty much the same game, having fast horses gave them success in harassing the enemy as well defending from them, lots of GC from all Rohan players early in the game with Eomer and Teo level 4++, gahvin the only Rohan player in his team also had to run from one camp to another in order to save both his Gondor team-mates, Bwel was determined to make anybody who dares coming too close suffer, and CROAT payed the price more then once, in this replay siege-weapons were the key to get your team on the path for Glory, and only Bwel was in this kind of business.

jacobus the other Isengard in the left side team, had few problems when rushed by ABDe with soldier+swords in early game, but LATINO came to the rescue, seconds later LATINO's services were again requested in an emergency call at Yoshi's camp, compliment of gahvin and ABDe, who btw lost his Boromir in the preocess.

Once again on this same map some of the players in front line were having difficulty with their eco, and nobody offered Finwe some back farms, as a result everybody had to run for his rescue 24/7, ABDe who could not really give him a farm, since too far and also from being on the front line himself, sent his Gandy and Knights to help him, almost about to die after being too unpopular next to a crowd that was manifesting to get in Finwe's camp without wearing their masks, he got saved by gahvin who was in charge of the public health for the day. Better not lose this Gandy level 9 killing an orc laborer would give him level 10 but outside in center map, ABDe found a Gimli and tried his luck in search of that level 10, turned out he realized his team-mate was about to die faster then he thought, and this Gimli is tougher then he looks, on his way back to Finwe's camp some Ballistas were a better fit, and Gandy level 10 spoke the word of power in a lost cause, Yoshi and Bwel have already destroyed the camp while LATINO was destroying Finwe'S outpost, so be it ABDe now have AOD and clean the area at the last minute, but now ABDe face elimination, when Bwel ask his team-mates what to do with the ROG, the Boss placed a beacon showing him where it matters most.

Have you ever seen a Gandy level 10 kill a Balrog? Well you won't see any here, ABDe tried to scare the beast but the Rog sent this GTW to bed, nice try Dunedain!
Then more AOD and more AOD bottom line Finwe was sent to bed then ABDe received the same faith.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP for the right side team = gahvin for saving the Honor
MVP for the left side team = Bwel for bringing his team to Glory!

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