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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Review]A Very good 2vs2 Game

#1ToRtUr3  Feb 28 2007, 01:25 AM -
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This game was in my opinion a good game with back and forths. My mordor also improved alot, just my micro is a bit lacking.

This was a pretty balanced MU I think. Mordor/Gondor vs Mordor/Rohan. Both get massive leadership. Unfortunately we didnt reach the point of Balrog & AoD but it was really fun and definately worth the watch.

Review please. biggrin.gif


Review by: PhoenixPrince

Starting positions:
Mordor and Rohan (Team 1) - Left
Mordor and Gondor (Team 4) - Right


Team 1

Team Commentary

Your biggest mistakes were early. With Mordor/rohan Mordor should always get three mills and rohan get one whereas you guys went 2:2. also, rohan you went only one farm in base instead of two, then went and filled the base with farm except one spot before making a stable! You should make a stable after probably four farms. As it was you had a lot of excess cash which you spent of a fast theo. You got glorius charge so I wonít pick on you for the fast theo, but I would go for faster ups and defiantly an earlier stable. In addition, rohan you cash floated a lot which was a huge problem and was probably what lost you guys the game. The biggest turning point though was when you guys attacked the middle. The attack was uncoordinated at best. You guys should of comboíd the peomen before going out of base and upgraded them with fire, then had 1-2 catas ready behind them with a drummer and then kept all of your trolls behind the peomen protecting them until you destroyed all the towers in the front of the base. As it was you guys just sent your army in piecemeal to be slaughtered. Overall you guys played good, but that one attack just completely killed you.

Tips For Improvement
  • Go for three outside settlements for Mordor and 1 for rohan next time with 2 in base farms for rohan.
  • Donít cash float!
  • Make sure to coordinate attacks.

Team 4

Team Commentary

Nightmare, Iím going to pick on youíre a lot so I will just get platy out of the way. Platy you played a great game with good harassment, pp use, and bo. Your only mistakes were losing those two horse batts in situations that they could of easily been saved and not buying fire, I assume by accident before destroying archery range (which I wouldnít of done anyway). Now for you nightmareÖ *cackles*. First off, do not cash float no matter what. Mordor has a really hard time when the enemy cav first comes out, and if your trolls are late because you didnít build your slaughters right when you got the cash then its worse. In speaking of late trolls, donít get a second orc pit. That last slaughter really fgives you a huge break for your trolls and improves your econ, and the pit really didnít help you at all. If your facing another Mordor and your across from him maybe, but as it was I would say no. Also remember to always put your cage in the very back of your base or its very likely to be destroyed. Finely, your guyís big mistake that could have been a turning point was that several times you made an attack and it was repelled because you didnít bring any attack trolls. This meant that the enemy gc cav tore right through your orc combos and killed your catas. Just was not smart as you should of known they had gc. Next time remember that trolls are the first thing you should be building. On the positive side you did a great job of defending your mills and your wk micro was good, although maybe not daring enough. A great game from you.

Tips For Improvement
  • Try to work on horse micro a bit.
  • Go for 1 pit and make sure to cage in back
  • Donít cash float.
  • Make trolls to protect catas and archers!

Overall Rating: 6
Entertainment Rating: 5

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#2PlaTy  Feb 28 2007, 09:04 AM -
Yeah a very 2v2 game ... lol
#3ToRtUr3  Feb 28 2007, 14:11 PM -
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QUOTE(Platysoma @ Feb 28 2007, 10:04 AM) *

Yeah a very 2v2 game ... lol

I noticed myself, I wanted to write "A very good game" and then replaced good with 2vs2. post-13661-1143531603.gif
#4Grendel|6  Mar 2 2007, 17:21 PM -
Replays: 3
Very entertaining match. Nice fights.

#5Mavs  Mar 11 2007, 13:56 PM -
Grendel, change the word "comprehension" in your sig to "understanding". I know what you are trying to say, trust me. Comprehension doesn't make much sense in what you're trying to say tongue.gif
#6ToRtUr3  Mar 11 2007, 22:21 PM -
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QUOTE(Mavs @ Mar 11 2007, 14:56 PM) *

Grendel, change the word "comprehension" in your sig to "understanding". I know what you are trying to say, trust me. Comprehension doesn't make much sense in what you're trying to say tongue.gif

Mavs is right actually. tongue.gif
#7PhoenixPrince  Mar 13 2007, 23:42 PM -
Mine numchuks.gif buff0mc.gif numchuks.gif
#8ToRtUr3  Mar 15 2007, 12:12 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Thanks for the great review phoenix. thumb.gif

I know well about my overall "macro". I am just a kind of lazy player that barely moves his fingers in a game, so it happens about everytime that I cash float abit and my micro sucks. I can't really improve that apart from swallowing a Dextro before every game I play. happy.gif

I think I should pay more attention to everything in my games. Thanks for the advice. biggrin.gif
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