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Battle for Middle Earth

me butta and exp vs some random guys, fun game lol

#1FlashJack  Apr 8 2008, 17:32 PM -
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so we managed 2 play a 3v3 vs some lololol guys, it was a gon/dbl isen mirror and it turned out to be quite a fun game believe it or not lol

pretty decent 3v3, quite a lot of action. the balrogs were just a piss take lol

see 4 urself, worth a watch imo

review if u can, wouldn't mind another rotw

i wonder who they were ohmy.gif
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#2k3anU  Apr 8 2008, 17:43 PM -
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i know who they were... smurfs lol. fun game thou. me and butta had to pull our hero forces together cuz we didn't think they were playing so tightly at first but after a sara here sara there gone sad.gif lol

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#3`daii  Apr 14 2008, 09:44 AM -
its orange & arkurios.
#4Mr.lim  Jan 7 2009, 14:31 PM -
it was indeed a good game biggrin.gif enterteining. but i also have to say that the gondor m8 of ark and orange whobplayed 3/4 of the game really sucked.he never healed their heroes etc he did nothing but shit. tongue.gif gg though.
#5Pallando  Jan 7 2009, 15:08 PM -
What a bump n1qshok.gif
#6RaGe`  Jan 7 2009, 15:47 PM -
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tbh i guesss bumped by wub again, then replies
#7Pallando  Jan 8 2009, 17:41 PM -
My post was a fact, not a reply to mr. lim's post tongue.gif
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#8minjung  Jan 8 2009, 18:19 PM -
Minjung's post? eyebrow.gif I didn't say anything huh.gif
#9Mr.lim  Jan 8 2009, 21:59 PM -
i think he ment me :0
#10Pallando  Jan 9 2009, 00:52 AM -
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