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Battle for Middle Earth

[Finals] [Final] 2v2 Major Championship SE vs LK Game 1

#1IlPrincipino  Nov 25 2018, 22:28 PM -
Our RI vs IM
#2suturbs  Dec 20 2018, 22:02 PM -
Replays: 189 Game:

RI : Peasants handled the map control. Though horse delayed, thats no big deal when peasants pay off. Theoden helped Isen rush with a great hero usage. Isen played pretty simple, standard, yet solid.

IM :
Isen, did NOT use the chant, delaying it and using on "2 orcs", which depleted a possible "uruk-peasants quick bash"... Isen's warg start for mid-big scale maps was more or less ok, I guess. However, when you also have only 1-2 mills, while mirror isen has more, the mirror guy might just -most likely- dominate, and make a fast blade rush. Thats what happened...

Nice peasant spam. Look & move forward, always.
Very nice going to isen, instead of mordor; leading isen supressed, and mordor mills vulnerable for further peasant spams. thats what peasants should do.
Nice but a standard starting for mid-big maps or all maps: 2 pit, taking 2 mils, harrassing opponent Isen mills... Threatening the other Isen deploying "peasant-uruk chant", while orcs were also chanted, and eyed; hence the threat depleted. Rated 2x2 games are unique at this: you can't most likely bash them easily. But it was though!

Wargs might not be a too good choice, but nobody can blame that at "Isen VS Isen" merely playing with & vs uruks. Especially when opponent was to be helped by rohan! He might tend to choose wargs... All in all, the Isen+Rohan rush was great enough, somehow earlier than valium Isen expected.
Versus Rohan, one of the hardest to gain a early game map control. Requires nicest usage of gollum, and two orcs. Hence, thats really lame for mu... Nothinh should require to be perfect! I think they did nothing wrong except werent perfect. "Mordor was doing what it can"...

There is no need to rate players for performances here, all early games were nothing very out of ordinary. I just say, Isen rush was standard, yet smooth, Theo usage was great, (some may laugh but there are levels of using teheo, and this was expert) Warg could work, and outpost domination could be nice from mordor, if warger-isen survived, though. Hpw could that be?? I can say, a full towered early Isen base other than trying to make upgrades for wargs and/or fast trol could have saved isen... This requires *a bit spying* on Isen base, like when did he create the armory building. To decide what to do with the given time, and resources.
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