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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 QuickMatch

#1LATINO  Jun 8 2021, 07:26 AM -

For Val #3
#2ValsaDoom  Aug 1 2021, 20:03 PM -

Replays: 51 Game:
War Chant vs Land, Gondor rules!

Top team 2 Gondors: Ryan right and Th0rin' left, both choose land first and it payed off.

On bottom team left side: Isengard PvtCowboy
and right side: Gondor Fishy, who choose land first as well, but 2 lands vs 1 land + wc, war chant couldn't make it even and strait from the start the top team had the better hand.

Isengard(PvtCowboy) went fast Lurtz then made lots of pikes, and before buying armory he bought Saruman, pikes/archers combos followed.

His Gondor partner Fishy, went knights then Gandy then more knights and only in late game went treb, maybe too late but cought between defending his mate's castle and retrieving some outside farms, the game was tougher for him, had to be every where and low eco result.

Top left Gondor(Th0rin') one set of Kights for starting but then fast switch to combos, including TG combos making it harder for Fishy to attack.

Top right side Gondor (Ryan) ... Ryan I hate him, unless we play same team hahaha! Does not lose many this one, from what I could witness, anyway he played beautifully making it easier for his mate to attack with focus on isengard.

I have a feeling PvtCowboy and Fishy had not so much fun playing this one, I know it's never fun too lose, but sometimes you have some sort of rewards during a game, by accomplishing some task, unless and I hope, they felt good at least a little after killing Ryan's Gandy.

It's not the first time I witness the same MU on a different map tough but with same result.

If you want to know what to do with 2 Gondors vs these mu on patch 1.09, watch this one, all strategy tactics revealed.

Congratulations to the winners Th0rin' and Ryan!
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#3LATINO  Aug 4 2021, 22:53 PM -
Fishy was frustrated in discord sad.gif
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