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Battle for Middle Earth


#1LATINO  Oct 20 2021, 20:03 PM -

#2ValsaDoom  Oct 21 2021, 00:56 AM -
Bwel and necromancer playing left side


Th0rin` and Karuskas on the right side

All players played good, maybe a few bad luck for necromancer in this short replay 2v2.

With a Mordor team mate, necromancer got himself only 2 Roherrims and then switch his stable for an archery while getting fast Lego, short after Karuskas bought middle camp, Th0rin` was ready with pike-combos, Saruman and Lurtz lvl 4, Bwel too was ready with trolls and a Drummer troll, which he all sent to necromancer area, but this one had only Legolas and some naked archers, he had lost all his Roherrims to Karuskas who got rid of em with the help of Th0rin`'s palentir. Karuskas had a mix of Roherrims and RA, assisted by Teo, having an Isengard team mate this was a no brainer decision, he could then easily focused on taking the map control, which he did with success.

With no army ready for the left side, except for some trolls, the right side army had enough time to get all the upgrades and Aragorn as a bonus, before going to war.

Necromancer had no Armour what so ever, even with Drummers, Witch King, land and eye, his army was no match and lost all he had including Legolas level 4, making more elves was a must, and so he got himself more of those, but still no armory built, but who cares, lets get Legolas back for the same price!

The right team decided to go for a second and last attack on Bwel's base, good for necromancer his Legolas was back in the game only to die fast again, like his naked elves... bye bye Lego! On this attack, Bwel lost all his units and citadel, that was enough and he called it a day, good night Bwel! What can one can do with nothing? So necromancer threw the towel at his turn, good night necromancer!

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo was Karuskas.

Congratulations to Th0rin` and Karuskas for their Victory!
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#3ValsaDoom  Oct 21 2021, 02:30 AM -

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This replay look more like a QM, I did review anyways.
#4LATINO  Oct 21 2021, 07:04 AM -

I will be adding all the Major Championship replays here.

Later on, they will be archived in the Events section.

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