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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 The Last Dance Tourney EMP vs DET G4

#1LATINO  Nov 21 2021, 21:59 PM -

G4 of our group games

Emperors vs Detectives

Genghis Khan : LATINO
Darknight : Mehmet_the_C
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 23 2021, 02:48 AM -
Top left Rohan/Th0rin`
Bottom left Mordor/Dunedain`


Top right Isengard/Mehmet_the_C
Bottom right Mordor/Genghis Khan*

Isengard/Mehmet_the_C went for fast Lurtz, then did all the usual nothing fancy. Made plenty combos including pike combo for no reason, got all the upgrades but the blades, called Saruman for duty near the end of the game.

Mordor/Genghis Khan built orc pits then SH then went fast Naz, but since things were going smoothly and with enough money at the bank he had a sudden change of heart then cancelled the Naz, in order to call the WK for duty, later had trolls and drummers.

Rohan/Th0rin`, called Lego for duty early in the game, but Mehmet_the_C had armor upgraded combos already, no real weak units to feed on for poor Lego, also called Eowen for duty, but even if she can make lots of damages to a Naz, she can not bring them down all by her self, so elves were called for duty, but these were to weak vs the mighty combos of Mehmet_the_C.

Mordor/Dunedain` built 2 orc pits then went fast Naz got the middle camp, makes a 3rd orc-pit got the WK then delete orc-pit in the mid camp and built work siege but lost the first cata to LATINO's WK, then lost half of his camp to Mehmet_the_C's combos, but manage to pushed them back, with plenty trolls and Naz and WK, then rebuilt but this time made 2 work sieges and after making few cata, got hit again by too many isengard combos, supported by LATINO's Naz and WK, these proof to be very efficient vs cata, and before long the camp was burned down completely.

After that nothing could stop the right team players to bring their units deeper in west territory.

Lose with honor, win with Glory!

MVP = Mehmet_the_C
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