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Battle for Middle Earth

Major vs Elenaglar

#1Major  May 5 2006, 19:28 PM -
Ok, this was crazy.

I think I need some advice on this, although I'm pretty sure I should've won with some more concentration...

please review.
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#2RedIstari  May 5 2006, 20:05 PM -
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k, ill watch
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#3HisK  May 5 2006, 21:01 PM -
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tbh you should do older ones 1st. Ill shutup now. smile.gif
#4Major  May 5 2006, 21:03 PM -
he's not a RR so he can w/e he wants tbh wink.gif
#5RamRaider  May 13 2006, 17:38 PM -
I assume RedIstari is no longer doing it as 8 days have passed, so I will do it.
#6RamRaider  May 14 2006, 14:31 PM -
[WISE]M4JOR V Faith|Elenaglar

Matchup: Mordor v Rohan
Map: Fords of Isen

[WISE]M4JOR (Mordor)

BO: Orc Pit + Gollum > 3 SH > Haradrim Palace > Fill with SH > Siege > Troll Cage
Strat: Gollum claims mills and defends south, 2 orcs through middle > Orc spam > Haradrim creeping > Outpost > Catas > Trolls
PP Usage: Eye of Sauron > TL > Inudstry > Darkness

smile.gif Extra labourers
smile.gif Constant early harassment with orcs
smile.gif Used the eye very effectively
smile.gif Sieged extremely quickly to gain an advantage
smile.gif Targeted the statue first
smile.gif Sold buildings before red

sad.gif Could’ve sent a cata or 2 to help defend castle
sad.gif Kept buying unnecessary siege (rams) whilst inside his castle when it became obvious you would take it down
sad.gif Trolls were sent on their own against archers, it would’ve been better to have them protecting the catas and use orcs to harass the archers
sad.gif Never properly harassed his OP, he only had 1 squad of undrafted peasants there

Overall Gameplay: 6

Faith|Elenaglar (Rohan)

BO: 2 Farms in > 2 Farms out > Fill with Farm > Archery Range > Armoury
Strat: 1 Peasent defend, 1 Peasent south with Merry > Mass Peasents > Peoman > Upgrades > Theoden
PP Usage: Draft > Heal > Anduril > Elves Summon > Ent Summon

smile.gif Creeping with peasants enabled your peasants get level 2 and be more efficient against orcs
smile.gif Used Theo’s LD effectively
smile.gif Hobbit micro very good, used to harass and kill several orcs and haradrim
smile.gif Peoman were a good combo against trolls and orcs
smile.gif Targeted catas with peasants quickly to avoid peoman casualties
smile.gif Never stopped harassing all game and very quick to attack his rebuilt castle

sad.gif No horses, could’ve been slightly more effective against catas and orcs, particularly as you got GC
sad.gif Let your hobbit die on a quite a few occasions, could’ve cloaked him to let him recover
sad.gif Didn’t counter his Tainted Land, your had the PP but purchased Anduril instead for some reason
sad.gif When you were sieging his castle, you should’ve targeted the citadel after taking towers down as he was able to keep rebuilding everything, prolonging the siege

Overall Gameplay: 7

Quite an interesting game, with a superb comeback from Elenaglar.

Major got off to an excellent start, pinning back Rohan for the most part with constant orc harassment, this allowed you to see off his first batch of peasants effectively. This is usually where Rohan decides to go for horses, to crush all those pesky orcs. I think this would’ve benefited Rohan, as you were quite slow to get going (in what is undoubtedly Mordor’s weakest point in the game) and this allowed Mordor to siege fairly early. Both players also made a feeble attempt at saving their own castles, Rohan would’ve been better building a wall banner and putting a few yeoman on a wall to tackle the trolls and orcs, and Mordor could’ve sent a couple of catas to attack the peoman.

After the exchange of castles, Mordor held the advantage and reduced Rohan to just a single outpost. However, Mordor seemed to waste money, particularly on buying rams which ultimately cost you dearly. This extra money could’ve gone towards a naz, or at least a couple of drummers. Mordor needed to harass the outpost as much as possible, but sent only 1 ram there to attack which was a pretty feeble attempt considering the advantage they held.

Mordor seemed to have a lot of problems dealing with peasants in particular, all I can suggest is that even more catas with a couple of drummers (after the normal trolls) would’ve been the solution, funded through the wasted money on rams and casting Industry immediately as it’s available (on 3 buildings). You allowed Rohan to gain dominance without having a single horse on the field, which was a bit of a surprise. After Mordor’s second castle fell, Rohan was able to press home their unlikely advantage for a superb victory.

Entertainment Value: 7

Overall Rating: 7

ROTW Contender
Moved to Silver

IPB Image

#7Major  May 14 2006, 17:22 PM -
was nice to lose it ohmy.gif
he was sure he'll lose and so was I wacko.gif (I was right sad.gif )
#8StoneLord  May 14 2006, 18:49 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
Congratz Major finally a silver replay without me. ohmy.gif

tongue.gif wub.gif
#9general grievous^  May 15 2006, 00:58 AM -
I fail to see how a game without Rohirrim gets silver lol wacko.gif Tbh I'm gonna have to watch this maybe theres something i missed that made this a silver rep
#10RamRaider  May 15 2006, 10:48 AM -
It was marginal, but it was quite entertaining as he came from having just an outpost to win, and me made no mistakes micro wise during the final siege.
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