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Battle for Middle Earth

[GTFC]StoneLord vs [EPIC]KrysleR

#1Krys1er  Apr 18 2006, 17:35 PM -
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Very good game! Between Stonelord (great mordor) and myself, its quite entertaining!

There were a few mistakes on both sides because of stupid fucking AI (my knight didnt MOVE!).

Watch though!
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#2StoneLord  Apr 18 2006, 17:38 PM -
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Yeah it was an awesome game. smile.gif

Thanks for compliment. wub.gif Your a great Gondor player too.
#3Ston3R  Apr 18 2006, 19:00 PM -
it aint UTC StoneLord tbh, or is it?
#4Krys1er  Apr 18 2006, 19:47 PM -
Replays: 22 Game:

Owh *** *** mo**er**cker!!!!

yeah sorry about that, named the game too quickly. and got confused with {UTC}STONE.

Can any admins change teh name to [GTFC]StoneLord.
#5RamRaider  Apr 19 2006, 10:19 AM -
QUOTE(reb0rN- @ Apr 18 2006, 08:47 PM) *

Owh *** *** mo**er**cker!!!!

yeah sorry about that, named the game too quickly. and got confused with {UTC}STONE.
Can any admins change teh name to [GTFC]StoneLord.

Done smile.gif

Review is mine, will hopefully be up tonight (BST)
#6~{Estel}~  Apr 19 2006, 12:15 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
are u allowed to swear in ur posts?...lol

this seems like a good game i might watch it smile.gif
#7StoneLord  Apr 19 2006, 12:23 PM -
Replays: 15 Game:
There isn't any rules against swearing iirc (so long as it isn't directed at any members/staff) and reborn used: *** to block out the swear words anyway. smile.gif

Also thanks Ram. smile.gif
#8RamRaider  Apr 19 2006, 20:00 PM -
[EPIC]KrysleR V [GTFC]StoneLord

Matchup: Gondor v Mordor
Map: Fords of Isen

[EPIC]KrysleR (Gondor)

BO: 2 Farms in > 2 Farms out > Farm + BS > Stables > Fill with BS > Archery Range > Stables > Workshop
Strat: Pippin North, 1 soldier through middle, 1 soldier south > 3 knights > HS > 3 archers > Faramir > Gandalf > Rangers > Trebs
PP Usage: Heal > GTW > Elves > Eagles

smile.gif Got a slaughter house during an early raid of his base
smile.gif Horse micro good to kill labourers and avoid trolls
smile.gif Faramir used well and kept alive
smile.gif Good use of Gandyís spells against trolls and naz
smile.gif Constant harassment even when the chips were down

sad.gif Didnít get one of his mills down early on, instead of chasing orcs for ages I wouldíve sent soldiers to attack. Knights couldíve dealt with them
sad.gif Sometimes slow with formations, particularly Rangers left in skirmish
sad.gif Didnít need to give all the archers banner IMO, couldíve used Gandy or Faramirís Fear resistance to save some money
sad.gif No Boromir. He is very useful against trolls.
sad.gif Needed a well desperately throughout the game
sad.gif Didnít revive Gandy straight away

Overall Gameplay: 6

[GTFC]StoneLord (Mordor)

BO: Orc Pit + Gollum > 2 Mills > 2 SH > Haradrim Palace > Fill with SH > Troll Cages > Outposts
Strat: Gollum claims mills, one orc through middle and one defend north > Orc spam > Haradrim > Trolls > Drummers > Witch King > Catas > Nazgul > Mumaks
PP Usage: Tainted Land > Eye of Sauron > Industry > Darkness

smile.gif Early outposts with garrisoned haradrim boosted early economy
smile.gif Used ďeat an orcĒ to heal some of the trolls
smile.gif Killed Gandy twice with a Mumak, general Mumak micro was superb
smile.gif Used Naz effectively versus cavalry
smile.gif Got catas to counter his rangers
smile.gif Full use of Mordorís LD

sad.gif Lost some haradrim at the beginning to wargs
sad.gif Lost the WK and naz a few times
sad.gif Sometimes didnít sell buildings before the red zone
sad.gif Poor cata micro, sent them to the front making it easy for his knights to kill them

Overall Gameplay: 8

Without doubt this is the best replay Iíve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Both players for the most part maximised the potential of their specific factions. The Mordor player could have quite arguably put to bed any complaints regarding the red eyeís lack of power, such was the quality on show.

I felt that Gondor made 2 mistakes and one questionable decision on an otherwise excellent display. Firstly, a well was sorely needed IMO to heal those early horses after the HS, and all the other various units on the way. You may have not even needed to buy a second stables had you got one earlier. The other mistake was not reviving Gandy early enough. Had you done so, you may have had a fighting chance against the final onslaught of Mordorís army.

The questionable decision I refer to is the one to buy trebs. I feel it wouldíve been better to keep making rangers as your knights could easily deal with his catas, and rangers are more effective against trolls/mumaks/naz. But as it was, Mordorís late game proved devastating once again. If anyone else has ever seen 1.03 Mordor used to better effect, I would like to see it!

Entertainment Value: 7

Overall Rating: 7

ROTW Contender

Moved to Silver

#9tomac  Apr 19 2006, 20:04 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
another silver replay drol.gif , well let's have a look at it
woow an 8 for the mordor player

congrats guys
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#10Krys1er  Apr 19 2006, 20:43 PM -
Replays: 22 Game:
Woah! Awesome, thanks for teh compliments. Im glad you enjoyed the game! (Please dont take my silver away..its happened before...sad.gif )

IPB Image

For the White City
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